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Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police reports

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Back And To The Left: An employee of the Gaston County Health Department was walking with coworkers near work when a vehicle sped up and a passenger in the car fired an object at her. A water balloon struck the woman in the neck, causing a scratch and bruising. The report did not indicate how much, if any, water drenched her. The woman did not get a good look at the suspect because the car was going too fast. There are some real sickos out there.

Nature's Storage Facility: A man called the police to report his briefcase had been stolen. When asked to describe the circumstances of the crime, he told police that he had left his briefcase in some bushes and when he returned it was gone. Items he listed in the case were tax papers, MRI photos, a Bible (in a case) and $80 worth of topical crème. A locker is probably a better place to store personal possessions.

It's French For Hook-Up: After being thrown out of a North Charlotte home, a young man returned and entered through the window. According to the report, "the entry was made to rendezvous with her juvenile daughter."

Bus Cuss: A traffic monitor working for Duke Power received a threat from a CATS bus driver at a work site. The traffic monitor signaled for the bus driver to stop, but he didn't want to. The driver yelled from his window, "I'm going to kick your ass" and kept inching his bus forward, getting dangerously close to the traffic monitor. He then continued to yell at the monitor, which caused all the passengers on the bus to laugh (and probably hurt the monitor's feelings). He told the monitor he would be back. The bus driver returned sans bus, hooted and hollered, then left.

Don't Cause A Scene: At a restaurant in a Ballantyne shopping center, a suspect yelled at two Nikko employees and started throwing napkin holders, ketchup bottles and anything else in sight.

Threat Of The Week: A suspect made four calls to a woman, but was not interested in small talk or other pleasantries. All he did was repeat the following phrases over and over. "I want to kill you" and "I am the devil."

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.


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