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The Blotter

Bizarre Crimes from Charlotte Police Reports



ULTRA VIOLENCE: Two armed robbers kicked in the front door of a 62-year-old woman's house. Once inside, they pointed their weapons at the woman and her four grandchildren, the oldest just 9. One of the gunmen repeatedly shocked the grandmother with a stun gun, forcing her upstairs to open a bedroom safe. The Clockwork Orange-like duo then drove away in the traumatized woman's car, along with thousands of dollars in stolen jewelry.

WILDIN' ON THE STREETS: Two men in their 20s and a 15-year-old girl were driving on Nations Ford Road when another car drove up alongside them. One of the passengers pulled out a gun and started shooting at the trio. Several bullets pierced the vehicle and one of the passengers was shot in the left ankle. Police tracked down and questioned several suspects. It's not clear if any arrests were made.

LOOKIN' FOR THE JOKE WITH A MICROSCOPE: A 37-year-old self-employed repo man got into an argument with a woman when he tried to repossess her car. The woman became increasingly irate as the argument escalated, and at one point she smacked the repo man's cell phone out of his hand and pulled his hair. Police charged her with simple assault.

BEYOND THE EGO AND THE I.D.: A fight broke out when two women attempted to buy several outfits at a department store located on The Plaza. When the cashier asked the women to show some I.D. to verify the information on their checks, they became irate and grabbed their checks and clothes. The two then ran out of the store and jumped into a waiting car.

WAR ON DRUGS: A 37-year-old woman got into an argument with her boyfriend because of his ongoing drug problem. When the woman informed her boyfriend that she wanted to separate unless he cleaned up his act, he struck her twice in the back of the head with his fist.

FAST-FOOD FREDDY, STEADY GO!: During an eight-day period, the manager of a fast-food restaurant took $29,896 from the establishment's deposits. But he was conscientious enough to replace the stolen loot with 16 personal checks. Only problem was that the checks were returned due to insufficient funds, and the now former manager of a fast-food restaurant is facing embezzlement charges.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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