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The Blotter

Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police reports


Rain or shine: A man presented his truck for sale by parking it in an empty parking lot. He got a call from an interested party who said he wanted to be shown the vehicle right away. It was raining, and the owner said he wouldn't show it in the rain. The caller said if that was the case, he would come down and smash the windshield of the truck.

Crime and punishment: The owner of McCormick & Schmicks noticed several bottles of liquor had gone unaccounted for over the past month. The owner thought she might know who the culprit was. She did an inventory before the employee came into work and then later, after the employee had been at work for awhile. She found 10 missing bottles of liquor and called the police. After searching the restaurant for the stashed boozed, the police made the employee take them down to the employee lockers. There, two locked, unassigned lockers were found. The missing booze was found inside. The employee said they weren't his lockers despite the fact that the lockers were directly above his assigned locker. He became very defensive and declared that he didn't like the management. The employee was terminated and banned from the property.

Stolen, because it's gone: Beautiful Because I'm Me Salon was burglarized last week. The vandals took three trimmers, seven clippers and two master clippers (not sure what the difference between those items are). One thing I am sure of: Beautiful Because I'm Me is a terrible name for a salon.

Flower felony?: The good times didn't last very long after a wedding last week. Eight silk flower arrangements valued at $500 were stolen from the bride. Who would do such a thing you ask? The crime was committed by the bride's father who argued he didn't steal the flowers. He had paid for them, he said, so they were rightfully his.

Human or raccoon revisited: A woman reported that she saw a man pull garbage out of her containers, rip open the bags and scattered the contents over her front lawn. He also tore the mailbox off its pole. It is not believed that this raccoon/human is terribly fond of the woman.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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