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Extreme Stalking: A 47-year-old woman reported that a man followed her from her home to her work on eight separate occasions. He has also followed her to the grocery store and the bank. The woman stated she moved to Charlotte in October of 2005 from Brooklyn, NY, where the same man stalked her. She does not know why the man is following her and has not asked him.

Pizza Isn't In The Dictionary: A motorist stopped at Cedar and Trade streets was taken for a ride. A fellow approached the motorist in "a friendly manner" and asked for assistance. The man said he was an employee of Fuel Pizza and needed to open the restaurant but had accidently locked the keys in his car. The pizza man asked for some money to go to the locksmith, but the motorist had no money on him. The pizza man convinced the motorist to go to his bank where he could withdraw the money, offering to pay the motorist $100 for his time and effort once the car door was unlocked. Once given some money, the pizza man sprinted away.

Pump You Up: After an argument, a South Charlotte man says he was threatened with a bicycle pump.

Finger Gun: A robber walked into a local motel and attempted to rob the business by reaching over the counter to open the cash register. The motel clerk, who was standing right there, yelled at the robber. The robber pointed something at the clerk, who thought it was just his fingers but hit the deck just to be sure. The robber reached over the counter for the money a second time. The clerk on the ground, grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher, got a running start, threw it and hit the robber on the head. Dazed, the robber pointed his fingers at the clerk again. The clerk hit the deck again and this time the robber fled the motel.

Threat Of The Week: A 37-year-old Mooresville man was threatened by an angry creditor. "I'm gonna come to your house and get my money from you the old fashioned way if you don't pay me," the creditor said. "If an animal needs to feed his family he kills." Just to clarify, the creditor plans on eating his debtor.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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