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The Blotter: Youth Are Getting Restless

Bizarre crime from Charlotte police files



Perturbed Police had to intervene during an incident at Alexander Graham Middle School in which a student completely lost his cool after getting into it with another student. According to the report, the kid began throwing laptops on the ground after a disturbance in the classroom. The steamed student then left the classroom and picked up a big stick from outside and tried to go back into the classroom to hit a classmate with it, but was confronted by a school resource officer. The kid then threw the stick to the ground and attempted to push past the officer, but wasn't able to, because, well, he's in middle school.

Social Detective Police responded to a call at Cotswold Elementary after a kid was jacked for his bike there on a recent night. The 15-year-old victim said that he was hanging with friends outside of the school at around 8 p.m. when a man came up and took his bike from him before riding away on it. The kid told police he didn't know the suspect's name, but was able to provide the man's "Facebook alias," which is a start.

Police Brutality A police officer had to file a report on his own self last week after a little community outreach took a bad turn in south Charlotte. According to the report, a uniformed cop was playing basketball with some kids in the Sterling neighborhood and when he went up for a jump shot, his utility belt scraped across the face of an 11-year-old boy, creating a "rug burn type of scratch," according to the report, and a cut on the inside of his lip, making him the first person to ever get pistol whipped by accident. In an unrelated incident, a different 11-year-old boy found himself in a bad situation at Community House Middle School in south Charlotte. The boy's mom filed a report saying that he was offered drugs while at the school one morning, and also suffered a bruised upper lip after being struck by an umbrella during a "horse-playing incident."

Recruitment Police officers posing as prostitutes are usually more apt to catch a john than a pimp, but that's not what happened over the summer during one Vice squad sting. According to a report from July that was only recently released, an undercover police officer arrested a man who tried to get her to work for him on McCullough Drive in the University area. He was let down to find out that the only pimp she answers to is the CMPD.

Stashed A nurse at Peak Resources nursing home in east Charlotte was relieved of their job last week, but they certainly made the most of it during their two-month employment. Management at the nursing home filed a police report stating that the suspect was found to have stolen 100 prescription pills belonging to the business — mostly Oxycodone and Hydrocodone — between September 1 and October 24.

Can I Crash Here? A 28-year-old woman called police last week after someone almost drove right through the back door of her south Charlotte condo. The woman, who lives in the Sharon Lakes community, told police that a vehicle struck the chair that was on her patio, sending it crashing through her sliding glass door. The reckless driving did $500 in damage and certainly scared the shit out of the woman, seeing as how it happened in the middle of the night.

Problems at Work A 43-year-old woman called police to her job at Dollar Tree on The Plaza last week after receiving a disturbing phone call. The woman told officers that someone called her phone and told her that they know where she works and they were planning to come there to beat her up and blow up the whole store. Sounds personal, right? Except the victim told police she has no idea who the person on the other end was and doesn't believe they've ever met.

Unstuck A woman filed a police report after getting her car stuck in northeast Charlotte last week, then finding out that it wasn't stuck after all when someone stole it. The woman said she was driving at around midnight on the inner loop of I-485 when she slid off the road near exit 33 and her car became stuck in a grassy embankment. The woman left the car and walked off to find assistance, but when she returned about two hours later, the car was gone. She confirmed that the car was not simply towed away when she visited a nearby 7-Eleven and watched on their surveillance video as a stranger got into her car and drove it away. In an unrelated incident, a 52-year-old man was upset to return from work to find that his car was not where he left it in the driveway of his southwest Charlotte home. He was mostly upset because he soon found out that his son took the car without asking, and all the more upset because his son is 15 years old and doesn't have a learner's permit, let alone a license. The man told officers the kid has taken the car for joyrides without asking in the past.

Reefer Madness Police responded to a robbery call at a home in the Steele Creek area last week, only to find out that no robbery occurred. The report does not state any reason for the confusion, but judging by what happens next, it probably stemmed from someone being really, really high. Police investigating the fake robbery did find evidence of plenty of drug use, and ended up leaving the scene with a baggie of pills, scales, weed, 13 pipes and three bongs.

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