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The Blotter: Stoned

Bizarre crime from Charlotte police files (April 20)



Stoned A suspect in southwest Charlotte was caught with weed yesterday and, although the police seized his stash, they did include some kind words about the quality of his bud. While police often write vague descriptions, often including my favorite police term "green, leafy vegetable matter," for this specific arrest they noted that the suspect was in possession of 18.7 grams of "fresh marijuana," not to be confused with that crappy vegetable matter they usually catch people with. However, since we're getting technical, the police listed the street value of the stash at $100, which is a very low price for 18 grams of weed.

Stash Police raiding a suspected drug house near Northlake Mall last week found a much more sinister stash, and the report gives a peek into what a drug house actually consists of. Cops found 424 grams of marijuana, valued at $2,500; eight dosage units of THC oil; four ecstasy pills; a Springfield rifle with ammunition; a Smith and Wesson rifle; two shotguns; and $5,089 in cash.

Get a Room Employees at Stone Haven East apartment complex in southeast Charlotte ran a couple suspected drug dealers out of the complex recently after the pair had the nerve to sell drugs on their property without even doing the right thing by leasing an apartment to work out of. According to the report, the two men were sleeping in their car on the property at night and selling drugs there by day.

Fake-tor A 42-year-old man in the Highland Creek area filed a police report after he was scammed by a man pretending to be a realtor last week. The victim is planning to sell his home, and told police that he was talking to carpet cleaners when the suspect rang his doorbell and said he was a realtor who may be able to bring some potential buyers by for a tour, but he would need to tour the house himself first. The victim let him take a look around on his own while he continued to converse with the carpet cleaners, but the man was no realtor. During this little tour of the property, the suspect cleaned him out for ore than $6,200 worth of jewelry and technology, including five watches, an iPod touch and a wedding ring.

Nicotine Fiend A 52-year-old woman was threatened by a man who would not be turned down when he accosted her in east Charlotte last week, but he wasn't looking for her number, he wanted a smoke. The woman told police that the man pulled a knife on her while she was walking down Eastway Drive and demanded a cigarette. According to the report, "due to the victim being in fear for her life she gave the suspect a cigarette." The things people will risk jail for.

Banksy on a Bike Police responded to a home in east Charlotte last week after a 27-year-old woman caught someone trying to steal from her. The woman told police that the suspect was using spray paint to tag graffiti on a privacy fence behind her yard, which she didn't realize until later. She did see that the suspect was up to something fishy, however, and continued watching. That's when the criminal pushed their luck, eventually jumping over the newly painted fence and trying to steal a bicycle. She was able to "interrupt" the would-be thief, though, and they ran off without the bike.

Radical Nazis The rise of white nationalist, anti-Semitic sentiment under Trump has been an awful thing to witness, but one such incident in south Charlotte last week looks to just be the work of some punk kid who wants to offend whomever they can. Management at the Harris YMCA on Quail Hollow Road called police to collect a skateboard that had been found on the grounds with no wheels and the words "Hail Hitler" painted across the bottom.

Party Cancelled A woman's Easter party was ruined last week after she was unable to pull off a heist from the Harris Teeter in University City during her evening grocery run. According to employees at the store, the woman brought her cart to the self-checkout, but only paid for two items before trying to continue on to the parking lot. The problem was that she still had more than $100 worth of Easter decorations in the cart that she hadn't paid for, not to mention the $36 worth of iced cupcakes. She was stopped and the police were called before she could make it to her festivities.

Jameis Winston Another shoplifter in west Charlotte wasn't about to give up that easy when employees at Harvey's Supermarket confronted them last week. According to management, the man picked up a package of crab legs and made for the door, but when an employee approached the man and asked him to stop, he pulled out a gun and pointed it at the employee before fleeing the scene on foot.

Cool Down A 65-year-old man filed a police report after falling victim to an assault at the hands — or at the cup — of a stranger. The man was working as a security guard at the CATS hub in Uptown Charlotte when a man he didn't know threw a drink on him and was able to run off before the real police showed up.

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