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The Blotter: Grandma's Favorite

Bizarre crime from Charlotte police files



Do It For Gram Have you ever visited your sweet grandmother for what you thought would be a day of relaxation and family stories only to be put to work doing chores around her house? One such grandma took things to another level when she threatened to put her grandchildren on a job fit for a hitman. The 39-year-old victim said the suspect called him one afternoon and told him she would have her brothers and grandkids come to his house and shoot him. Adding to the intrigue, the man told police "he believes the suspect is capable of carrying out the threat."

Memory Loss If you smoke a lot of weed, you're bound to forget a few things — like forgetting to pay your rent — just try not to forget your weed. Police responded to an apartment complex in the Ballantyne area after management found some interesting things left behind in an apartment from which a few guys had just been evicted. Staff members told police they had asked the guys to leave after realizing they weren't the ones who had signed the lease, and after the suspects did so, cleaning staff found paraphernalia and drugs in the apartment. According to the report, the suspects left behind an e-cigarette, a grinder, a digital scale, two glass bongs and $1,400 worth of marijuana. Police reported that "there was no way to tie the drugs to anyone," so they seized them as evidence (wink, wink).

Break On Through Police responded to a home in west Charlotte last week after someone took drastic measures to vandalize a woman's car at her rental home. A 57-year-old man who owns the home called police to report that someone had driven a vehicle through the fence of his property. But it wasn't one of those distracted driving accidents that we so often see in the reports. The homeowner's tenant, a 37-year-old woman, told officers that the suspect drove through the fence to get to her car. Once he breached the wall, he took a "blunt object" to her Nissan Versa, according to the report. All in all, the suspect did $900 in damage to the fence and $800 in damage to the car.

No, Thank You A 27-year-old woman went to police after receiving an offer she absolutely could refuse on an app meant for selling unwanted property. The woman, who lives in southwest Charlotte, told police she was using the OfferUp app one evening when someone contacted her through the site and threatened to harm her, although it's unclear why they did so. The woman declined that offer and filed a police report instead.

Altered Reality Officers decided to go visit a home in south Charlotte last week after becoming concerned for the welfare of a 68-year-old man who had made multiple seemingly meaningless calls for service to police throughout the day. Sure enough, when officers arrived, they confirmed that "what the caller saw to be real was in fact not the case at all." The report doesn't give any more detail, but we suspect the man may have been watching Fox News.

Round Trip A Mooresville man made a trip to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport last weeks in hopes of making his flight out of town, but ended up being transported to Huntersville just a few miles from his home. According to the report, the man was so heavily intoxicated at the airport that he ended up falling and striking his face on the floor. The injury was bad enough that Medics decided they needed to take him by ambulance to Presbyterian Hospital in Huntersville. He was later released after being treated for "a minor injury" and allowed to try again.

Menace to Society Police arrested a man in Plaza Midwood last week for apparently believing he was living in a game of Grand Theft Auto. Officers responded to calls of a man riding around the neighborhood at around 2:45 a.m. one morning pointing a gun at random residents who were walking around the area. Police found the man riding his bike on The Plaza near NoDa, still holding the gun in his right hand. The man refused to comply to orders to drop the gun over the officers' loudspeaker for four blocks before finally stopping his bike and dropping the gun. He continued to refuse to comply after dropping the gun, but eventually "was taken into custody with minimum force," according to the report. Officers seized a Glock 19 from the scene.

Go For a Ride A 26-year-old west Charlotte man was ready to risk his life for his pickup truck when it was stolen right in front of him last week. According to the report, the man was at his job at Slate in South End when he saw a man stealing his Ford Ranger. Doing what any sane man would do, the victim jumped into the bed of the truck rather than let the suspect get away. The suspect didn't get far before wrecking the truck into a utility pole. The victim only suffered minor injuries, according to the report, and refused treatment from Medic.

All stories are pulled from police reports at CMPD headquarters. Suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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