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The Blotter: Designer Drugs in Disguise

Bizarre crime from Charlotte police files (Jan. 26)



That's a Downer There are countless ways that drug dealers come up with to hide their stash, whether it's a hidden compartment in their car or even keeping an entirely separate dope house to do business in. One ecstacy dealer was caught in west Charlotte last week trying to hide their stash by disguising it — as a different drug. According to a report, the suspect was charged with trafficking a schedule I controlled substance (the worst you can be caught with) after they were found in possession of 1,315 MDMA pills that were reportedly disguised to look like Xanax bars (a schedule IV controlled substance).

Fixer Upper Employees at Sam Ash Music Store in southwest Charlotte called police after a wannabe guitar repairman made off with some merchandise from the store under false pretense. The employees on shift told officers that a man walked into the store and selected a guitar case and a guitar. They watched as he attempted to place the guitar inside of the case before realizing it wouldn't fit. He then selected a second case and placed the guitar inside then made his way to the front. When employees yelled after him, he waved some paperwork their way stating that he was hired to repair the $1,400 guitar but was out of the door before anybody could check the papers.

Putting In Work Gone are the days when a simple key scratch down the side of a vehicle or a knife to a tire would qualify as sufficient revenge for a cheating lover or other personal nemesis. A scorned suspect took things a step further in Mint Hill last week when they stripped the paint completely off of one 55-year-old woman's car. The woman reported to police that she believes someone dipped banners in acid and placed them over the hood and trunk of her Nissan Versa. When the vandals removed the banners, the paint came with it, and the victim was left with a two-tone Nissan.

Highest Bidder The only thing worse than figuring out that your gift has been re-gifted is to find out someone out there is re-gifting gifts intended for you. Now, we'll try to make sense of that last statement. A 30-year-old north Charlotte man reported to police last week that he believes he found out who stole his Pokemon cards last November. He said someone stole two packages containing about $120 worth of Pokemon cards just after Thanksgiving last year. He didn't report the theft until he came across the exact cards (which are relatively rare) while shopping around on the Offer Up app last week. He believes the seller is the thief ... and the plot thickens. Actually it doesn't. That's it.

Con Kids Part II Last week in The Blotter, we reported a kid or group of kids who had been parading around west Charlotte neighborhoods under the pretense of raising funds for their schools with pizza and cookie sales but pocketing the $17 checks. The con game apparently happened last November, but reports have begun coming into police about it this month as the customers have realized no returns are coming on their investment. This week, it seems the game was more widespread than originally believed. A woman in northeast Charlotte reported putting in two $17 orders for cookie dough with a child who came to her door and hasn't received her dough yet. A similar report regarding $17 cookie dough also came in from northwest Charlotte.

Get the Good Stuff A group of burglars that struck at a home in Tryon Hills last week seem like the kind of kids we'd like to hang out with. A 35-year-old woman reported that someone broke into her home sometime between 5 and 7 p.m. last week, and the list of items stolen during the break-in, while seemingly random, leads us to believe that criminals just want to have fun. According to the report, the items stolen include bottles of alcohol, ice cream bars, Nerf guns, a piggy bank full of loose change and an unknown amount of pickles.

Pigsty A 21-year-old woman who lives in University but rents out a property in west Charlotte filed a police report last week after finding that her west Charlotte renters weren't exactly model tenants. The woman reported going to check up on the house and finding that a known suspect had punched holes in the walls and urinated all over the carpet. What else is one to do when they get the water shut off?

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