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The Blotter: Burn Notice

Bizarre crime from Charlotte police files (June 29-July 5)



Extra Grease Police responded to the Shannon Green apartments in the College Downs neighborhood last week after a sibling rivalry took a violent turn. A 20-year-old man told officers he was lounging around in his apartment at 9 p.m., completely unaware that his relaxing night was about to end horribly. The man said his sister surprised him by entering the apartment uninvited, and she quickly made clear that she wasn't there for a friendly visit. She immediately threw hot oil on her brother, hitting his chest and arms and burning him to the point of peeling in certain areas. As bad as that sounds, the man was brought to the hospital and listed as having only minor injuries.

Tools As is described in this week's news feature on page 8, construction is one of the more dangerous jobs one can work. However, that doesn't mean you need to arm yourself while working, as that's not the type of danger you face on a site. One Charlotte man didn't quite understand that point, apparently, and suffered a close call because of it recently. Someone called police when the 31-year-old construction worker accidentally fired his pistol while climbing down a ladder on a construction site on South Boulevard. The man told officers he kept his pistol on a holster on his waistband, but that somehow it still misfired. Nobody was harmed in the incident.

Pothead There's an old saying that nothing good ever happens after 2 a.m. That may be true, but the same expression could be seen as more accurate if flipped into a certain location, as in, "Nothing good ever happens in an abandoned house." It's unclear exactly what an 18-year-old woman was doing in an abandoned house on The Plaza last week, but she was luckily able to get out of the bad situation she eventually found herself in. The woman reported being in the house at around 10:30 a.m. when she was attacked by another woman, who hit her in the head with a metal pot. During the altercation, her wallet fell on the floor and her attacker took it, but she was able to leave the home with only minor injuries.

No Test Needed A man was found to be driving while high last week after wrecking his car in southeast Charlotte, although a more accurate description would be to say that he was driving while fucked up completely out of his head. According to the police report, the man was driving on East Lane Drive when he suddenly left the road, hit a telephone pole, drove through a mailbox, sideswiped a car in a driveway and then slid through the grass directly into a house. The man was later found to have a glass pipe used to smoke either crack or meth, and showed signs of impairment – the number one sign being that he drove through a home.

With the Times Sometimes it can be tough to get the elderly into technology, but one woman who was recently the victim of a theft was apparently making her best effort to get with the times. The 81-year-old woman filed a police report after some unknown suspect stole from her. On the report, she listed $450 worth of jewelry as among the stolen goods, along with an electronic Bible and an electronic dictionary.

Your Ass Is Grass A 54-year-old man called police last week after his carelessness on (or off) the road got him into some trouble with a property owner in east Charlotte. The man told officers that he was backing his car up on Idlewild Road and realized that he had left the road and was on someone's yard. Unfortunately for him, the guy whose yard it was realized it too. The victim told officers the man confronted him and told him to get out of the car, at which time they fought and the suspect punched the driver in the face several times. When police arrived, the suspect told officers that the victim was actually the one who got out of his car and started the fight, although it's unclear why you would try to fight someone because you drove on their yard.

Candid Camera A 29-year-old man working as a parking attendant in a garage in Uptown was saved from a tight spot by the convenient placement of a camera when he was almost attacked at work last week. The man would later tell police that he was working at his post in the parking garage when he saw a man pull in and stop his vehicle in a part of the garage with no parking then sit there. After a few moments, the attendant approached the car and told the man he couldn't park there. The man became irate, and left his car and began backing the attendant into a corner while threatening to beat him up. As a last resort, the attendant pointed directly above his head and told the man he was on camera, at which time the suspect calmed down and walked back to his vehicle before driving away.

Scratch That Employees at a nail salon on North Tryon Street called police last week after one of their young customers lost her cool at learning that their services were not free. A 36-year-old woman working at the salon told officers that she had helped the juvenile customer with placing on fake nails, but when she told her the price, the customer flipped out and began threatening the woman, who was more than twice her age. The woman called police, as she was very aware of how sharp the nails (now weapons) were that she just applied to the girl. The girl was eventually arrested and then transferred to the custody of her mother.

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