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Bizarre crime from Charlotte police files



Well Protected A police report surfaced last week describing the alarming findings of a vehicle search at the EpiCentre on Friday night during CIAA weekend. Police did not disclose why they were searching the suspects' Chevrolet Suburban, but did report that they found a Smith & Wesson handgun in the driver seat back pocket, a Glock 19 in the middle console, a Smith & Wesson M&P in the third row driver's side, a Ruger SR9C on the floor board under the driver's seat, another Glock 19 in the passenger seat rear pocket and a Century Arms AK-47 in the rear of the SUV wrapped up in a jacket. Police also reported that they found $880 in a plastic bag with two credit cards inside, but when they tried to return the money to the suspect who owned the credit cards, he refused it.

Chillaxin' A 51-year-old woman called police last week after catching a man breaking into her car — or possibly just taking a rest in it — in northeast Charlotte. The woman told officers that she looked outside and saw the suspect sitting in the passenger seat of her car. When she confronted him, he claimed that he wasn't doing anything wrong, then fled the scene in a white sedan before police could arrive.

Paint Job Last week, we reported on a woman who awoke one morning to find that someone had poured buckets of blue, pink, green and orange paint over her car and driveway. This week, a suspect went for a classier paint job on a home in northeast Charlotte, but still got reported. A 62-year-old woman told police that at some time overnight, someone painted the pillars on the front porch of her home in the Hamptons II neighborhood. They painted the pillars white, which surely looked nice enough, but she also stated that the suspects dripped the white paint all over the bricks and mats on her porch.

What's Happened To Us One would like to think of elementary school kids as innocent, but with all the violence we've seen in schools in this country, staff members are not ready to ignore any signs of threatening behavior, no matter how young the child it comes from. That's why police got involved in an incident at Starmount Academy of Excellence, an elementary school in south Charlotte, last week. Teachers reported that a student drew something in class, and when teachers looked at it, it depicted a threatening scene and listed the names of two teachers from the school.

Mushroom Tip There are some things you just don't want to see when you're eating, but both staff members and restaurant goers alike were disgusted when an unwanted visitor showed up at Mellow Mushroom in Third Ward last week. According to the report, witnesses said that a man walked into the restaurant at 7:12 p.m., while the dinner rush was still going, with absolutely no pants or any clothing whatsoever on the lower half of his body.

Hair. Done. Police responded to Nubiance Hair Salon in east Charlotte after a customer got into a tussle with employees because she didn't feel the need to pay full price for the services rendered. Upon the officers' arrival, the employees told police that the suspect tried to walk out of the store without paying, and when a staff member tried to step in front of her, the suspect pushed her and another employee while trying to leave. The suspect, on the other hand, told officers that she didn't feel like she needed to pay the full amount for services because the employee was rude and she wasn't happy with the customer service provided. The suspect told police that when she tried to leave the salon, one employee sprayed her with a water bottle while the other put her in a headlock. Other customers in the store confirmed to police that the employees were telling the truth when they recounted the original story.

Put to Use Police responded to a medical facility on the CMC-Main campus last week after employees there reported a theft. The callers told officers that they had placed a $500 camera in a recycling bin, and then when they went back to get it, it was gone. So what's the problem? You put it in the recycle bin and now somebody's out there re-using it.

Maintenance Man A 30-year-old man was startled last week to come face to face with a man who he believed was trying to break into his home. The victim told police that he was sitting in his east Charlotte apartment when he heard a noise near the back window. When he went to check it out, he found the suspect staring right back at him holding a tool box. The suspect fled the scene upon seeing that the resident was home.

Put the Camera Away Bullying just isn't what it used to be. An 18-year-old student at Vance High School filed a police report last week after being the butt of a joke that stemmed from some criminally gross activity in the bathroom. The victim told officers that he had seen the suspect filming him while he was using a stall bathroom one day, and decided to file a report after realizing that the suspect had showed the footage to other students in the school.

All stories are pulled from police reports at CMPD headquarters. Suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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