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The Blotter: A Minor Problem

Bizarre crime from Charlotte police files



Group Sext A couple in their mid-50s were alarmed when some unknown person hopped into the wrong group text with them and other members of their family and refused to stop sending lewd texts. The couple told police that they were a part of a group text that included them and seven others, when a number nobody recognized began sending "inappropriate and unsolicited" messages. The suspect was told to stop and warned that some of the people on the group text were minors, but they sent four more, damaging young minds for years to come.

Identify Yourself A 30-year-old woman was dumbfounded when the employees of a sweepstakes shop in west Charlotte lost something of hers despite her picture being plastered right on the front of it. The woman told police that she was made to turn over her drivers' license while she played sweepstakes for an hour between noon and 1 p.m. When she was ready to leave, she asked for her license back, but was told that an employee had already handed it to someone else. Must have had a doppelganger in the building.

For the Best A 44-year-old man filed a police report after realizing that his girlfriend lost his gun when she took it away from him. The man stated in the report that his girlfriend attempted to hide his gun from him in her home near Plaza Midwood in east Charlotte back in September. However, according to the report, "while the firearm was hidden it went missing." Or perhaps, if his girlfriend had any sense she simply got rid of it, because a good rule of thumb is that if you're girlfriend ever feels the need to hide your gun from you, you probably shouldn't own a gun in the first place.

Not Worth It An 18-year-old man's laptop may have been worth three digits, but he almost gave up an extra digit trying to protect it during a robbery on Freedom Drive last week. The man told police that he was trying to sell his laptop in a Wendy's parking lot, when the suspect grabbed it from him and drove off. The victim wasn't letting go of the laptop that easy, though, literally. He said that he kept hold of the laptop while the suspect drove away, and the victim was dragged before having his finger run over when he finally let go. He suffered a minor injury in the incident.

Ice Cold Another man was scammed during a shady business deal in northeast Charlotte last week, but at least he wasn't dragged from a car. The victim said a man he met at a gas station on Rocky River Road offered to sell him an Amazon Fire TV Stick, and he agreed, breaking Rule No. 1 of The Blotter Handbook. Not surprisingly, when he got home he realized the Fire Stick didn't work, and he was out $100.

Spend It To Make It You could probably guess from the context above what Rule No. 1 of The Blotter Handbook is, but as for Rule No. 2? If your new boss asks you for money, that's probably not your new boss. A 26-year-old woman from Uptown learned this the hard way last week when her new employer wrote her a personal check and told her to deposit it in her account, then get cash out to give directly back to the employer. As always happens in such events, the employer's check bounced, and the employee never saw that $1,980, or her new employer, again.

Jackpot A burglar in north Charlotte thought he hit the mother lode when he opened a stranger's freezer and saw what must have looked like a big package of drugs. But alas, he was not so lucky. A 51-year-old man reported a break-in at his home in the Rosedale neighborhood and said only one single item was stolen: a five-kilogram bag of white powder he had stashed away in a bag in his garage freezer. The bag did not contain dope, however, but cooking flour, and was valued at one dollar.

Do It For The Gram Three victims found themselves in an odd road rage experience after getting cut off by a suspect traveling down Providence Road alongside them, or perhaps the victims were just overly paranoid. One victim told police the suspect had threateningly stared at the victims and pulled out an object, which alarmed all three victims in the car, until that object turned out to be a cellphone. The suspect then reportedly took a picture of all three victims, before their car turned onto a side road to get away.

Fresh Paint Police responded to the Summit Grandview Apartments in Uptown last week after someone took it upon themselves to start painting the entire 8th floor of the building, then stopped after one apartment. According to the report, the suspect spray-painted the walls of the 8th floor hallway, the front door of an apartment and the interior of that apartment, doing $300 in damage. Although the resident was the one who called, he wasn't able to answer any questions, for reasons that went unspecified in the report. It's safe to say he won't be getting his deposit back.

All stories are pulled from police reports at CMPD headquarters. Suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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