The Birth of Coffee

When: Oct. 2-Jan. 7 2013

If it weren't for coffee, some of us might not make it out of bed. Some say the powerful aroma alone is as functional as an alarm clock. Kicking off this month, coffee is the topic du jour at Discovery Place. This exhibit may not grab your kids' attention, but it's pretty engaging if you're a caffeine junkie. It was put together by a duo — photographer Daniel Lorenzetti and author Linda Rice Lorenzetti — who traveled to five continents and eight countries to research coffee culture. But the exhibit goes beyond the planting, harvesting, processing and shipping — it poses questions about coffee growers and producers themselves: "Are they as passionate about coffee as those who drink it?" and "What is their relationship with this intriguing bean that has traveled around the world?" The hope: that we get a better understanding of those who bring us our morning joe.

Anita Overcash

Price: $10-$12