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The Best Of Jim Hunt

The cream of the crop from the Loaf's editorial cartoonist

You have to go back a long way to find a worse year than 2002. While the war on terrorism dragged on inconclusively, the economy started to tank while Bush & Co. geared up for war against Iraq. In Charlotte, we had our own share of homegrown terrors -- and we're not talking about the Hezbollah cigarette smugglers, either. Any citizen who was paying attention in 2002 was terrorized, or at least repelled, by a city government that's dropped any pretense of caring about what voters want, and a county government that rarely seems to know what it's doing. It was a year when the Hornets left, a new arena was approved, one of the city's favorite sons was revealed as an anti-Semite, horses paraded downtown, hospitals dissed the Red Cross, a pseudo-arts festival was launched, and a dismal US Senate race bored people to tears. Yep, it was a stellar year, and CL editorial cartoonist Jim Hunt was there to capture that special flavor of absurdity so often served up in the past 12 months. Here's a chance to look back at some of Jim Hunt's best work from 2002. Let's hope, for our own sakes, that Jim doesn't have so much to work with this year. We start off with the cartoon on the cover, in which City Manager Pam Syfert's "negotiating" skills are laid to rest.

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