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The Best of Jim Hunt 2001

We expected big things from the past year, seeing how it was the actual, for-real first year of the new millennium and everything. But we didn't expect that big a year. Nationally, of course, the horrific September 11 terrorist attacks and the US response dominated the news. But locally, Charlotte had its own homegrown horrors: city council bent over backward (or was that forward?) to please the Hornets' owners, then had its head handed to it by referendum voters; the Panthers organization vied for both worst team and worst turf of all time; rats took up residence in a school food warehouse; troubled US Airways took solace from a post-September 11 bailout; the neediest among us continued to be victimized by the mind-blowing disorder at Charlotte Housing Authority; plus, we had to put up with the usual school board battles and follies. Yep, it was a stellar year, and CL editorial cartoonist Jim Hunt was there to capture that special flavor of absurdity so often served up in the past 12 months. Here's a chance to look back at some of Jim Hunt's best work from 2001. Let's hope, for our own sakes, that Jim doesn't have so much to work with this year.

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