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The Art of Taking It Easy

There are many websites devoted to wasting time on the job. Here are a few we tried when the boss wasn't looking:
is an impressive effort for a slackers' page. Ironically, the mastermind behind it says he's just been too busy lately to update the site properly. It has an Office Survival game and even a down-to-the-second countdown to the weekend. There are many links, including to a job-hunting site "just in case" and to an online greeting card site should you want to send a suck-up missive to your boss. Then there are handy tools for "office loafers," such as a program to guard your privacy online and a download that makes it look as if your computer is running a test or installation. has advice on stealth-like surfing at work, stuff to do, links and panic/protector buttons to help you cover your tracks if a supervisor is coming. It even posts notes from office slackers with the best tips on how to goof off online and not get caught.

The page also has sound clips of busy office activity — in stereo and mono — just in case your boss can't see what you're doing but has a habit of eavesdropping. (motto: "What do you want to do half-assed today?") is mostly a blog dedicated to bizarre, titillating, nonsensical stuff. It hails its most dedicated contributors and most popular contributions in a hall of fame. It has message boards — log in and blather with all your slacker friends all day, if you dare.

For people with far too much time on their hands, there is a Photoshop contest in which you are invited to do warped things with pictures. For more photo fun, post your own captions on wacky images. has no bells and whistles but does have links to oddball sites (such as Swearsaurus, the dictionary of swear words in more than 100 languages), weird postings and amusing if bizarre news.

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