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The Apprentice recommends Dish



I had a persistent rumble in my stomach and a hole in my wallet that stretched like over-pulled dough. Thus, I began the quest for good quality grub for less, and an excuse to eat out with great friends.

Then I found Dish (1220 Thomas Ave.), with its laid-back and rustic atmosphere fused with the oldies. An open window revealed a glimpse of the kitchen and a desk bell announced each "order up." As we were seated in the upper dining room and bar area, my company automatically began discussing the concrete floor and basement feel, even with the tasteful, random paintings around. Dish's menu is simple, with an appropriate wine and beer list.

The plate placed before me reminded me of my childhood and as soon as the side dish of warm cheesy noodles hit my tongue, I was convinced of pure greatness. The almost gritty texture of semi-melted cheese provided comforting warmth in my stomach. The chicken sandwich, well-seasoned with the freshness of tomato, the creaminess of the pesto and in a soft pita, sung deliciousness and was a delightful surprise.

The food here at Dish is the Henri IV Cognac of simple food. Overall, the meal met my criteria and my mission was completed for $8, including iced tea.

Patricia Sener is a third year student at Johnson & Wales University, majoring in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management, concentrating in Food & Beverage. She is a student in CL food critic Tricia Childress' Intro to Food Writing course.

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