Terrence & Philip's 5th Annual Birthday Show f. Junior Astronomers, Diarrhea Planet, Little Bull Lee, Old Soles

When: Fri., Oct. 25 2013

DIARRHEA PLANET There’s a scene near the end of Mike Judge’s fantastically funny (and oddly prophetic) film Idiocracy featuring a “guitarmy” — literally, hundreds of dudes playing power chords. Diarrhea Planet runs with the same gag, with four of its six members packing the instrument; gimmick or not, it works. The Nashville pop-rockers’ shout-along-and-grin anthems are reminiscent of Weezer’s Green Album as reimagined by the Four Loko crowd — or maybe this is what ’90s college radio would sound like through an Adult Swim Dadaist filter. It would seem, then, it’s no insult to compare Diarrhea Planet and Idiocracy’s guitarmy: After all, both draw on the undeniable — and utterly absurd — joy and physicality of a cranked electric guitar... or four. Performing at Terrence & Phillip’s 5th Annual Birthday Show with Junior Astronomers, Little Bull Lee and Old Soles.

Corbie Hill

Price: Free