Temperance League, Shirlette & The Dynamite Brothers, Dirt Heavy

When: Fri., Dec. 16 2011

SHIRLETTE & THE DYNAMITE BROS The Dynamite Brothers have been turning out soulful, funky grooves for the past decade-plus, a fact that Durham rapper Shirlette Ammons was fully aware of when the two acts began collaborating (Mitch Rothrock, the Dynamites’ excellent guitarist, has been a fill-in for Ammons’ Mosadi Music project). Ammons recorded vocals over the top of some songs from the Dynamite Brothers’ 2009 LP, Again, tilting more soul than hip-hop. She then recruited some NC-centric names — The Rosebuds’ Kelly Crisp, Juan Huevos, violinist Daniel Hart, Yahzarah — to flesh out songs new and old, resulting in this year’s intriguing And Lovers Like. Live, the animated Ammons delivers the goods, too. The meat in a Temperance League and Dirt Heavy sandwich. (John Schacht)

Price: $7