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A review of comic book Teen Titans No. 62



Teen Titans No. 62

Published by DC Comics. Written by Sean McKeever. Pencils by Eddy Barrows. Inks by Ruy José.

The Deal: It's the latest issue of Teen Titans, the comic book that stars the teenaged heroes of the DC Universe -- like Robin and Wonder Girl, among others.

The Good: I haven't picked up a copy of Teen Titans since writer Geoff Johns left the comic a while ago. I was a big Titans fan back in the 1980s -- when writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez served as the creative team on the book. I came back aboard when Johns rebooted the comic a few years ago, but I thought it lost its way after that horrible "One Year Later" storyline infected it (and all other DC hero titles). I think I read one issue by current writer Sean McKeever -- but it sucked, so I bounced. This past Wednesday, I decided to try Titans one more time, and boy was I shocked. In fact, Teen Titans No. 62 was one of the most shocking comics I've read in a long time. The ending ... well, I won't spoil it. But it caught me off guard.

The Bad: I know being a teenager sucks, but Teen Titans is one dour book. Most of the characters seem angst-ridden and the others are just annoying. When did this become such a tragic super team? Maybe it's just me, but I'd like to see some of these characters having fun -- not whining, crying or feeling totally insecure.

The Verdict: Pick up this issue of Teen Titans just to see what's so damn shocking. One hint: Fans of the Super Friends cartoon will really get a kick out of the ending.

Plus: If you really are a fan of Super Friends, check out this site: It's not new, but it's funny as hell.

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