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Tailgating better than game


OK, can we please stop bitching about how much the Panthers suck, and suck it up? Truthfully, it's more about the gathering than the game anyway. If you are not employed by the team, or didn't bet on the game, why are you so upset?

Whether you were at the game, or watching from home or a bar, you still had a good time up until about halfway through the second quarter, didn't you? Because it's not whether you win or lose the game, it's how you tailgate. And we're all teammates in partying -- so cheers to that.

I actually bet against the Panthers at the Redskins game and ended up having to get panther scratches spray-painted on my face. I deserved it for being such a fickle fan ... though it was kinda fun. But let's stop hating on our cats -- they may not win games, but they do other things for our community, such as the charity event Take a Slice Out of Cancer, a pizza party at Villa Francesca's benefiting the American Cancer Society. Panthers Jon Beason, James Anderson, Dante Rosario, Jonathan Stewart ­-- along with Mayor McCrory and all the foxes over at FOX Charlotte -- made pizzas for the guests.

Jon Beason is my personal favorite player in the pride ... because of his rock, paper, scissor skills. We've been in a tie since our ongoing game started last year. But then we usually end up just playing a game of verbiage called Miami vs. Virginia Tech.

At least this time I had James Anderson on my defense. Wish he was there though when I was put in the hot seat by some Ohio State fans. "What has Virginia Tech ever done?" they asked me. The first thing that came to mind: "We clone sheep, f*ck you very much."

Even if you don't have tickets to the game, just walk through downtown on game day ­-- hit up a tailgate, or Panthers Lair and Cat Walk. Just pay no mind to the fact there are often more people in the opponent's jerseys than in hometeam gear. Besides, the Bobcats season is about to begin and maybe, just maybe, they'll give us a good season.

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