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Summer Guide'04

The Drag Issue

Summer in Charlotte can be a drag. It's usually hot. And humid. And buggy. And the air's nothing to go crazy about. It's even more of a drag that we don't have a nice river running through town.

But look on the bright side. If we did have a river, the mosquitoes would probably be even bigger and it'd probably be so polluted from past industrial waste, we couldn't eat fish from it or swim in it, anyway. See, you gotta look on the bright side.

To help keep your summer from being a drag, we've really gone to the mat to let you in on some great things to do. Sam Boykin writes about taking boxing lessons in "Knock Down, Drag Out." Plus, get the lowdown on some hot gear that you just gotta have for the summer. To get you out of the house, Timothy C. Davis wanders down some "Main Drags" -- sections of the city for you to explore that offer ambience and personality. Plus, we've got suggestions on nightlife -- from familiar spots to revisit to some new places to discover. Not to mention a veritable explosion of theater offerings.

So what if it's hot? Drag yourself up off that couch. You've got stuff to do.


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