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Summer Guide The Seven Deadly Sins of Summer

The Seven Deadly Sins of Summerummer in Charlotte can get so hot it reminds us of hell. Maybe that's what led us to this year's theme: The Seven Deadly Sins of Summer.Face it: We're all sinners. Even our spiritual leaders have fallen off the holy wagon from time to time. Jim Bakker committed adultery, and Tammy Faye's vanity single-handedly supported the mascara industry for a decade. Even Jimmy Carter lusted in his heart.

So take a load off your conscience this summer. Relax and have some fun. And don't worry too much about sinning. These pages are filled with tons of wholesome fun, though we mixed in some sinful stories to keep it interesting.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Oh wait, wouldn't throwing rocks qualify as wrath? Wouldn't that be sin, too? Forget about it. It's summer. Lighten up, why don't you?

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