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Summer Guide 2011: Part I of III — Film and Arts


Welcome to Part One of Creative Loafing's three-part Summer Guide. Yes, you read that right. Since it's a daunting task to capture the splendor of this glorious season and all its offerings in one single issue, we've elected to spread the goodness out over three consecutive weeks. This issue, we're focusing our energies on Film and Arts; next week, we set our gaze on Music and Fashion; and for the June 1 issue, we wrap it all up with Food. So soak up our ample coverage; just make sure to use plenty of sunscreen.

Film: Summer movie preview

Even More Film: Library film series offers tribute to the Bard

Theater: A green, green, Warren-Green summer

Visual Arts: Artsy events for the summer heat

Comic books: Sure-fire summer comic picks

And Much, Much More: Listings for tons of film and arts-oriented events

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