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Sallie Nash



CPCC student Sallie Nash has a self-described eclectic style that reflects some of her fashion influences, like Joan Jett, David Bowie and Bettie Page. But by looking at her, you probably wouldn't assume that she's been studying opera for years. So much for judging a book by its cover! "Fashion is really whatever the individual wants to make of it," Nash says. She was spotted in NoDa and when asked about her favorite place to shop, she answered, "Most of my favorite pieces of clothing honestly came out of my grandmother's closet. I love going in there and finding stuff that I would typically have to get at a vintage store."

Hat and Boots

"I'm really not much of a shopper [but] I love thrift stores and Target. I got the hat and boots at Target."


"I found it on clearance at Marshalls; I like basically anything in lace, and I really love anything that's under $10."


"The vest I got about five years ago, so where that came from is a mystery."


"I got the tights from Harris Teeter. They are the cheapest there."


"I got the purse at Goodwill. Though a good deal, I tend to splurge and get everything I see when I go there."

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