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Erika Mendoza loves being in the know about the latest fashion trends. The Costa Rica native is currently working toward her Masters in English as a Second Language at UNC Charlotte so she can teach Spanish. She says she will give almost any new style a chance, but that doesn't mean it'll make the cut into her wardrobe. "I tried jumpers, but I never really liked them, so I didn't get any," she says. Mendoza also admits she's become more risky with colors over the past few years. "I like bright colors. So, I don't have any restrictions on what colors I wear."

Top from The Limited

"It's not that heavy, so it's great for fall and when the weather is cold, but not that cold."

Belt at Forever 21

"I love the accessories at that store. This outfit looks better with a small belt rather than a bigger one."

Necklace and earrings from Macy's

"I got these when they were having a huge sale. It's like a tiger's eye and water fresh pearls. I like it because it's kind of brownish and looks good with all the tones."

Jeans from American Eagle

"They are comfortable and look nice."

Shoes by Nine West and ordered through

"I like the style of the shoes and they look great with jeans. Also, through Zappos, shipping is free. So if you buy a pair and they don't fit, you just send them back for free and the other size will return a couple days later."

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