When: Thu., Oct. 25 2012

STS9 Unlike most jam bands, STS9 doesn’t go off on long solos; instead, the group melds rock and electronics into a whole, while occasionally showcasing individual mood swings with short solo forays. The electronic rock quintet’s seemingly open-ended jams are akin to beats that swirl away into the ether. Spacey instrumentals ebb and flow into layered, trancelike tracks. The keys and guitars commingle while the jazzy, world beat percussion lifts improvised jams into dub-touched psychedelic outings. The compositions are laden with mystical rhythms and percussion that lends itself to musical adventurism without sacrificing an organic sound. The music is danceable, of course, yet also propels listeners into an intergalactic trip. Spin an appropriately titled track like “We’ll Meet in Our Dreams” for a primer.

Samir Shukla

Price: $27

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