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Would you be willing to pay higher property taxes if it meant fixing all the potholes and getting new cultural facilities?

Josephine Wagner
Freelance Writer
"Yes, I would. I spent more last week on a busted tire I got from hitting a pothole than I'd pay in extra taxes, and if I can get a new museum in the bargain, that's gravy."

Chip Finch
IT Specialist
"Absolutely not. If they want to fix potholes, why not slice the city councilmen and county commissioners real thin and stuff them in the holes? At least that'd put 'em to better use."

Inez Slosson
Health Food Store Clerk
"No, I'm libertarian and we don't believe in taxes. In the past, Americans didn't pay any taxes. Of course, we all rode horses and children smoked pipes, but that's beside the point."

Reggie Warwick
"Why are you asking me? Are you saying I don't pay my taxes? Huh? What'd you hear? Hey, I'm talking to you, man. . . .yeah, you better run."

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