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Story arc wrapup in Daredevil No. 115



Daredevil No. 115

Published by Marvel Comics. Written by Ed Brubaker. Art by Michael Lark, Tonci Zonjic and Stefano Gaudiano.

The Deal: It's the latest issue of Daredevil by the creative team of writer Ed Brubaker and artist Michael Lark -- and it's the final chapter in the five-part "Lady Bullseye" story arc.

The Good: I'm a fan of Brubaker and I've been enjoying his run on Daredevil ... for the most part. My only complaint is that he tends to pen some long, slow-moving storylines. His "Lady Bullseye" arc, however, was enjoyable because it was the exact opposite of DD's last few tales: It was fast-paced, action-packed and relatively short. And the ending -- the big reveal that all five parts have been leading to -- actually caught me by surprise.

The Bad: I've always enjoyed the fact that DD is portrayed as a flawed character; he makes mistakes ... tons of mistakes, actually. But lately, the blind hero has been coming off a little too flawed -- so much so that he's a little unlikable. That said, I think it's time for a little redemption for old Matt Murdock. On the art side of things, this issue sports art by three guys (not sure where one guy stops and the other begins), but it's probably the weakest I've seen it in these pages in a while. The art conveys some wonderfully cinematic camera angles and such, but the figure drawings are a little too scratchy and lacking in detail for my tastes.

The Verdict: This issue wraps up the storyline effectively from a writing perspective. I say buy it.

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