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Stargazer's Annual Horoscope 2012, Part II



Aries: Mars, your ruling planet, is preparing to go through a retrograde cycle as the year begins. On this visit, the review is in your house of work and health. You may find it a challenge to move forward with your goals in either of these areas until the end of April. Do not give up or you will lose ground. During March when Mercury turns retrograde in your sign, you will likely change your mind and back out of a previously made plan. Overall important commitments to new activities are unlikely until the end of April. Use these months to think seriously about your next direction. You are probably already aware that you are becoming more and more charged with the zeitgeist of our times, independence versus oppression. It is probable that you will be embroiled in this battle in a major way by June, continuing on through October. Stay on the side of social justice and you will be doing the right thing. Aspects suggest a thoroughly challenging August. Personal relationship issues could explode. Resources are subject to tighten in the fall. Overall this will be a challenging year, but when it is over you will know you are doing the right things for yourself and perhaps for others as well.

Taurus: You will have more than five more months of Jupiter in your sign. This placement represents expansion of your life through philosophy, travel or education. It oftentimes promotes the "flow" in your life so that things are easier than they have been in the past. This Jupiter transit began in June 2011 and occurs for one full year out of every 12. It represents a time of new beginnings that continue on forward, well after it has left your sign. Times that are particularly auspicious for you are in mid-January, mid-March and late November. Venus, your ruling planet, turns retrograde in mid-May through June. Very probably you will be reviewing financial conditions during that time. Income may be less during those months or expenses greater than norm. You may withdraw from social activities and people during this period. This is probably not your best year for romance. I see challenges in relationships in February, April, June, August, September and early November. Someone new enters your life in early December who may become a teacher or point you in the next "right" direction. During the last quarter, your attitude about partnership overall becomes clearly more serious. You will want to be in a relationship that is moving forward or you are prepared to let it go.

Gemini: Whatever illusions you might have about your usual work in the world are beginning to crack. You seek a mission that will re-enchant your everyday life and give you a sense of meaning. January through February opens the year with your attention on shared resources. "Resources" include time, things of material value, energy and sexuality. The territory is wide, ranging from the mundane study of the budget and finances all the way to important discussions with partners over the need for greater intimacy. You may be organizing business issues related to an inheritance or your own legacy. Think very carefully in April about any relationship decisions, including contracts. The probability is strong you will feel the need to back out of commitments during May, June, to mid-July. During this period, you will prefer to spend time in solitude. Fair warning to those in committed relationships: You will be prone to regress into old patterns of relating that you know are not productive. Avoid this if you possibly can or you will have apologies to make later. On June 11, the planet Jupiter moves into your sign and will remain there for a full year. Jupiter in your sign will lighten any load, renew your sense of optimism and reinforce your self esteem. Help and cooperation of others will be more available to you, especially if you make your requests in person. The spiritual dimension of your life will improve and travel or education becomes more prominent.

Cancer: Let's look at the big picture since 2009. Pluto opposes your sign, challenging you to recognize your worth in some way and stand up for yourself. This press will continue for a decade. Uranus moved into your territory of career and social contributions. It is pressuring you to find ways to express your unique identity in the outer world, preferably while promoting social justice. It continues for seven years. The Saturn voice is sending you words of caution and asking you to maintain your safety, security and the status quo. Sometimes the cosmos seems to have a sense of humor. How can you manage all these projects at once? No doubt you are, even though there might be a foul-up now and then. In January, it might all seem to be too much, but you will climb out of your shell in February to greet the world anew. Health issues may need attending during March. The eclipse season between mid-May and mid-June draws attention to your health once again. You will probably be choosing to begin healthful regimens anew. During June, August, September, November and December, there will be episodes related to the above projects. You are getting stronger all the time.

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