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June 29 -- July 5, 2006


The Crab (June 21 -- July 21)

Love life is a joy this week. You and a lover may be off on a fine vacation together. Co-workers are also a pleasure. Activities related to the law, education, travel and publishing are favored. Those with children find reasons to feel proud.

For All Signs This month I have written about the bloody, gory, tales of war written in the sky. No one knows the real reason why planetary alignments so closely depict events on earth. But time has demonstrated they do and it is in our best interest to heed warning signs. Anger, resentment and old fury may surface and must be handled with better tools than suppression. Ask what you need to accomplish with this anger and how might you do it effectively. Don't simply toss around a spray of blame. If you are angry, admit it and focus enough attention on it to genuinely understand what is hurting and seek a solution.

Aries This week you have mildly reduced energy. You may need to recuperate from the month of June. Don't try to initiate important activities now because you don't have the resources required. Deception is in the air. Make sure that it isn't you who is deceiving.

Taurus Favorable experiences come through your career/life direction, financial outlook and matters of home and hearth. Healing is available in any or all three of these areas, if you need it. You are not in excitement mode, but steering a steady path in successful directions.

Gemini Your ruling planet, Mercury, has just changed signs to Leo. This represents a shift of attention from financial matters to focus on communications and people in your daily environment. You may need to consider the needs of your vehicle now.

Leo This is a good time to organize your thoughts and plans concerning your next career move. Spend some time in a quiet retreat location so you can think in peace. Wait a couple of months before setting any decisions in stone. Love and social life are sources of pleasure this week.

Virgo For the next 3 to 4 weeks there is a shift of your attention to matters of your personal history. You will be looking inside yourself for meditative peace, answers to serious questions and encouragement from your energy source.

Libra If there have been hurt feelings between you and a lover or a child, this is the week to bring things into focus and have a heart-to-heart talk. You will find greater peace and even a resolution to old pain. Activities concerning travel, the law, education or publishing are favored.

Scorpio This is an ideal time for a vacation near the water. The last thing you need or want is to go to work in the routine setting and doing the same old chores. Travel, education and legal concerns are favored now. Beware of deceptions in your environment this week.

Sagittarius You are not in the best position in the areas of education, the law, travel or involvements with religious institutions. Behavior from the past may be coming back to haunt you now. Agree to your mistake and apologize. Don't get defensive or things may get worse.

Capricorn A co-worker, employee or lessor may serve as liaison to assist you with difficulties concerning financial troubles. Do not allow fear to run your mind. The danger is that it would cause you to overreact and possibly miss good resolutions.

Aquarius You've had painful encounters with people who are special in your life in the last couple of months. This is the week to invite heart-to-heart conversation. A good friend or one of your children may facilitate the moment of healing and resolve in these relationships.

Pisces You are in a dip of the physical cycle. Concentrate on getting plenty of rest and other things good for your body. If you do not exercise properly, you may have difficulty sleeping. Aspects are favorable for love life, reputation, career, the law, education and travel.

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