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April 27 - May 4, 2006


The Bull (April 20 -- May 19)

There may be pressure on you to prove how much you love another. Alternatively, you may be asking someone else for this proof. The energy may be subtle. Concentrate on remaining conscious and step aside from such manipulative games. They rarely have a favorable outcome.

For All Signs Basic astrological understanding comes from the four elements, fire, earth, air and water. The Water Signs are fluidly feeling and the range of their dispositions moves readily from ice storm to placid river to steam. Waters love the comforts of home and family and generally are strongly nurturing of anything that lives. Waters are adept in the world of feeling and rarely are unduly frightened by any emotion they encounter. Waters fear they are inept in the world of thought. They often attract airs whose intellect shines.

Aries This is a good time to tackle a project around the home place that has been nagging for a couple of weeks. It appears you may have a helper available if you just ask. Finances improve which allows you to proceed. This is a time of strong physical and emotional energy.

Gemini The Heavens have designed multiple favorable aspects for you at this time. Social life is positive. Any activity related to the law, travel, the water, Internet and publishing augurs well. Career life or work in the world is given a boost, and your relationship to partner(s) flows easily.

Cancer You are clear about which way you need to grow. This week you have good news and bad news about your desired goal. On one hand you have the possibility of increasing your income. On the other, the debt load may swallow that income. Take good care of your health. You are subject to infections now.

Leo A painful emotional or physical issue concerning your partner/relationship surfaced in January. It is possible that partner is in need of professional care and this is the time to access it. Unfortunately you are not the best healer in this situation, but you can lend your support.

Virgo This is a very good time to organize and evaluate your financial picture. You have a capacity to perceive the long term directions of things which concern you. Contracts related to investments, property and housing are favored now.

Libra Your most significant relationship(s) are calling for change during this period. Your likely response is to struggle to hold onto things as they were in the past. Making the best of inevitable changes is your better bet.

Scorpio You may be sorely tempted to control your significant other this week. Change is brewing in the relationship, but your first reaction to change is to go stiff in fear. It is only after considerable thought that you see how change promotes needed growth.

Sagittarius Circumstances at work or among coworkers are not to your liking this week. You can coerce the situation, but the likelihood is that you will pay for that in the long haul. Consider a more cooperative approach, one that allows each faction to speak his/her piece.

Capricorn This week is likely to be quiet. You will mainly be following your routine and plugging away at things which need to be done. The Goats are so hard-working that it is an uncommon relief to experience a placid time.

Aquarius Waterbearers frequently experience life from a position of detachment. Certainly you often have a perspective which is oblique to that of many others. This week you are reminded of that sense of aloneness. If it is painful, discuss it with a trusted friend.

Pisces You may feel pressured into associating with persons who don't appeal to you in order to maintain your career or general status in the world. The Forces are bigger than you right now. There will be other times that are better to register your unhappiness.

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