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Aug. 4 - Aug. 10, 2005


The Lion (July 22 -- Aug. 22)

Do not listen to the inner critic. It probably is borrowing trouble from the future and causing you to adopt a negative attitude at this time. Yes, you do need to redefine yourself, but you are likely not a slob, a bad person, or guilty of multiple misdemeanors. Concentrate on more positive thinking.

For All Signs This week begins with a new moon in Leo. Now is the time that many of us will encounter the meaning of the new phase of Saturn in Leo which began in mid-July (please see the article from July 13) and will continue for the next 2.5 years. Issues concerning children, other loved ones, gambling, sexuality, and how we play and express our creativity will become prominent. Eye-opening experiences of a personal nature may be precipitated by news items in these arenas.

Aries You have begun a new phase of attention which will continue through Jan. Issues of money and resources, or matters of personal values will be prominent as motivators. Be aware of the temptation to identify with material objects or even an idea.

Taurus Mars, the red planet of war, has entered your sign and will be traveling with you through Jan. If you choose not to deal upfront with this aggressive energy, the side effects are irritability or health difficulties. It is your choice.

Gemini This is a very good week to bring up old matters for discussion once again. Others will be receptive to your ideas and you may find new perspectives on the topics. Contracts or promises may also need to be revised, but there seems to be agreement all around.

Cancer This new moon is a good time to evaluate your financial picture once again. You may be given a good opportunity to invest in the future, but it would require that you accept less in disposable resources now. Your reputation is given a boost in the world of your public.

Virgo Quiet conversation with family members may yield fresh insights on old issues. Those who practice journaling will also learn new things about their inmost selves. This is a very good time for introspection and conversations with your spiritual self.

Libra Early in the week, take advantage of whatever social or educational opportunities come your way. You will enjoy them and your world will continue to expand. Over the weekend someone enters your life with a message of hope and new opportunity.

Scorpio The next few months are focused heavily on the "others" in your life and the state of your relationships. Look for ways to renew and share energy with your partner, business associates and close friends. You may be tempted to pressure others into agreement to support your personal goals.

Sagittarius This is a favorable time to deal with old issues related to the law, education, travel and publishing. You might be revising a document for publication. You can now make mutually beneficial contacts with friends and associates known from the past.

Capricorn The "healer" has returned to your sign for several months. You may be undergoing treatments of a physical or emotional nature that will allow you to overcome current trials. Disappointing news comes from the legal, publishing, or travel sectors. It will change after the 15th.

Aquarius Issues of shared resources, such as investments, mutual incomes, or other goods and services, become the subject of concern at this time. One party is holding back or withdrawing, while the other is attempting to give and also keep track of the details. T

Pisces Persons with whom you have worked in the past return to your sphere of attention now. This is a favorable encounter. All activities concerning travel or education are given the green light. You may still be interested in the new and different where partnership(s) are concerned.

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