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March 16 -- March 22, 2006


The Ram (March 20 -- April 19)

The sun returns "home" to your sign this week. You likely will find it to be energizing. Your mind is racing a mile a minute and you can hardly speak fast enough to get the words out of your mouth. Beware of suspicious incoming information. It is probably sheer gossip.

For All Signs The spring equinox occurs exactly at 1:26pm on the 20th, and those of us who are tired of winter will be ready for it! We cannot, however, enjoy the celebration of symbolic revival of the Passover and Easter until mid-April this year because of the arrangement of the lunar calendar. For those who don't know or have never thought about it: Passover is annually scheduled for the first full moon following the spring equinox, regardless of the day of the week. Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Equinox.

Taurus You are working toward getting a project off the ground that has been dragging since fall. Finally, you can see a crack of daylight. Others are beginning to recognize the value in the enterprise also.

Gemini Although it is out of character, you are not in the best frame of mind to "work and play well with others." Look for activities that you can handle without help and work at your own pace. Drive and handle tools with considerable caution.

Cancer Concentrate on finalizing details and clearing away debris from old projects in your life. Reprioritize over the next couple of months to focus on issues of travel, legal concerns, education or writing/publishing.

Leo Clean up whatever details are left and prepare for a shift of attention toward travel, foreign affairs, Internet, education, spiritual pursuits or legal interests. Step aside from a battle of egos with your child or with a lover. Ignore battles that teach no one anything productive.

Virgo You may experience conflict between your partner's needs and the demands that are placed upon you by your job expectations. Alternatively, the aspect may represent challenges concerning your partner's family. Avoid the temptation to lose your temper or respond abruptly.

Libra A matter of finances or property holdings may be the source of tension between you and a lover or a family member. If possible, bring these concerns into the open and work toward clearing up the fears. Otherwise, they will go below the surface and create troubles.

Scorpio A project begun in December comes to a turning point. It is time to make a decision to give more toward its growth or let it come to a natural end. You and a lover have a lot to discuss about the past and how you have handled your habit patterns. Make it productive. Reveal truths about yourself.

Sagittarius Machinery that consumes or is otherwise related to water or oil tends to break down this week. Give attention to symptoms early. A family member may have a need to go over old business. If this promises a potentially productive outcome, give it some time. If not, look for a bypass.

Capricorn You are probably freshly energized with a desire to improve your home or office environment. Although willing to do their fair share, Goats are unusually good at catching and organizing "volunteers" to help with the work. This is a great week to paint, scrub and brighten up your world.

Aquarius Good news catches your attention and may carry you off into the stratosphere. Before you float off terra firma, think about whether the words are grounded by a realistic set of parameters. The Waterbearer who counts chickens may come up short a few in the end.

Pisces Beware of anything that sounds or looks too good to be true. It probably is. This is an unusually good time to seek spiritual support from whatever resource makes sense to you. Journaling, self-hypnosis, and meditation may have prolific results.

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