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Feb. 23 -- Mar 1, 2006


The Fish (Feb. 19 -- Mar. 20)

Listen closely to your inner self. If you have tolerated a rule well beyond its time, you may rebel and demand to do something different now. You are conflicted between maintaining the regular routine and breaking free. Stay in the middle. Plan a few hours of refreshing change.

For All Signs Saturn is on one side of the earth pulling at Chiron on the other side. Chiron is the planetary ruler for the abandonment of fears that all of us feel from time to time. Many of us will experience anxiety and a fear of loss or isolation during this period. Set aside the judgmental voice that tells you to "get over it." There are times in which we are meant to recognize our fears and give them respect. Talk to a trusted friend or to a professional about your fears.

Aries You have the opportunity to teach during this week. It may be informal, but it will be meaningful. Travel, communications, and contracts are favored. Your mind is swift but also steady and reliable. You are multi-tasking with relative ease and managing well.

Taurus Your plans are subject to alteration this week. Friends and associates have a desire to make changes. Bulls struggle over redirection of plans, particularly if little or no notice is given. You have a need to learn and practice the art of flexibility.

Gemini This is a particularly favorable time to handle items of business, sign contracts and make long term financial plans for the future. Be prepared to accept that the plans you make now are definitely subject to revision in the future. Leave yourself room to make changes as needed.

Cancer Beware of what you say if you are under emotional stress this week. You could be speaking from childhood habit patterns that are not meaningful or useful now. If you think about it, you may not be reacting from feelings appropriate to the present, but knee-jerking from old history.

Leo Sudden events related to your partner's interests may cause you to stop what you are doing and attend to things requiring more immediate attention. Expect the unexpected. Make an effort to take especially good care of yourself during this period.

Virgo You occasionally confuse what you think with who you are. There are those who will disagree with you this week. Just don't let it become a battle to the death. Your identity is not at stake in this situation. You may not like what is happening, but you can choose a less dramatic response.

Libra Your focus now is to make improvements in your environment by organizing all the details of your life. You are discarding the clutter in your head while cleaning the house or office. Notice how much better you are feeling on the inside every time you dump a sack of trash.

Scorpio You are managing multiple tasks and doing very well with all of them. Your assistance and powers of observation are either saving your employer money or increasing revenues. Those with flexible incomes have cause to smile during this period.

Sagittarius An idea or plan that first began early in January is now arriving at a turning point. If you are to continue, it will require additional personal resources. Evaluate whether this is important enough to invest in. It may be a compulsion that only you find valuable.

Capricorn Time spent running errands, traveling or making phone calls may be wasted this week unless you have a social purpose. However, if you will focus your attention on organization of files, support of coworkers or management of heavy work projects, you will feel more accomplished.

Aquarius Read the opening paragraph carefully, Waterbearers. It particularly applies to you. It is possible that someone close to you has been abusing your kind heart. Now is the time to have a talk and set needed boundaries. Total selflessness leads to deep anger. You don't want to go that far.

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