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Jan. 19 -- Jan. 25, 2006


The Waterbearer (Jan. 20 -- Feb. 17)

This is probably not your best time to be dealing with a partner or significant others. The mood is intractable and no one can persuade anyone else, so productive action is stalemated. Do the best you can to disengage emotionally from the fray. The cosmic forces are at war over old issues and you don't have to join as their mouthpiece.

For All Signs There are several cautionary aspects in the sky this week. They are saying, "Stop! Go back and retrace your steps. Move forward only slowly and carefully." This is the mantra whether one is dealing with objects in the world, a plan or a relationship situation. Many are reviewing circumstances and behavior in primary relationships. It is best to look inward for behavior and attitude changes. Don't point the finger elsewhere. We need to scrub our own houses first.

Aries You may be deeply involved in a project that requires heavy duty concentration and/or physical labor. You could be experiencing an unusual fixation of purpose. Only you and those who know you well can be clear whether that purpose has moved from "perseverance" to sheer "stubbornness."

Taurus Many admire your ability to stick to a project until it is completed. You have a remarkable capacity to focus on a long-term goal, but sometimes this goes over the edge into rigidity. If an attitude or the past is troubling you, then now is the time to let it flow down the river.

Gemini Spend the weekend completing projects and prepare for a shift of gears the second half of the week. Your next focus will be mind expanding. You may be researching a new interest, gazing over travel brochures for an upcoming adventure or pursuing an interest in philosophy or religion.

Cancer You may still be recovering from the full moon in your sign on the 13th and 14th last week. It is a challenge to keep up with the lunar cycles because they are shifting all the time, just as the tides. If the constant changes trouble you, make an effort to simply observe them rather than diving in full force.

Leo Many of you may be experiencing the need for medical attention due to an issue of aging. For some the health focus is more related to others in your life. You may be hearing the Inner Critic and be trying to keep up with its demands. Let it go. It catastrophizes everything.

Virgo Take the first few days of the week and clear the decks. You are about to tackle a major organization project. Clearing out the clutter is a prime target for your energy now. You are probably also channeling some of that spirit into improving your health through diet and exercise.

Libra Romance, love and social life are at the top of the list this week. You may be the recipient of a small gift or token of affection or perhaps you will be giving such things to another. If traveling, you are returning to a place you have been. Use a bit of caution. You are likely to overdo good things.

Scorpio Wow! You are in the mood to party now! You have been on hold for way too long and may be ready for an explosive leap into the social world. You may feel really split between play and the sense of responsibility that keeps you pinned. Try to find a moderate place to land.

Sagittarius This is a wonderful period for envisioning what you want in life. You can almost make it materialize by the intensity with which you "see" it. Guardian angels are all around for help and protection. Your intuition is strong. Make the most of it. Listen to your dreams.

Capricorn This continues to be a fine time to enjoy lovers, children and others with whom you can have a good time. Travel may be on the agenda. Weird things that are out of your control interfere with business. You might just as well play and enjoy yourself for a change.

Pisces Matters pertaining to health and personal organization take a critical turn during this period. Those who have not attended to the details in recent months may have a price to pay. If you have overstepped traditional boundaries, the hounds may be knocking on your door.

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