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For the week of June 30 ­ July 6, 2005


Cancer The Crab (June 21 ­ July 21) Good news concerning home, hearth, family and travel begins the week with pleasure. You will be feeling particularly well. Encouragement comes from multiple sectors. You are bringing a 3-year cycle toward a positive closure. Harvest time has come.

For All Signs An elemental imbalance of planets continues to be a significant phenomenon through July 22. There are no planets in the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Each of us will likely over or undercompensate in the area of practicality, ordinary business of life, and management of time and responsibilities. Those who are born of these signs will have an unusual cosmic “assignment” of keeping the corners of the earth pinned down until the rest of us eventually land.

Aries Your energy level continues to be high and your attitude optimistic. You could be traveling with a fun companion who shares your pleasure. Enjoy your good time, but be aware you are prone to take extraordinary risks with this energy. A relationship begun last fall is coming to fruition.

Taurus The week begins in a work mode. You may have a desire to clean house, downsize, and eliminate accumulated non-useful items. Out the window with dustcatchers. Once this project is accomplished, you will feel much more cheerful.

Gemini Use care in tones of speech this week. Without intention, your words may come across as pressuring or overbearing. An opportunity to travel is on the docket for the end of the week. If you do not travel in your bodies, you may be sharing educational information.

Leo Venus entered your sign on the 28th of June and will be traveling “with you” through July 21st. Her presence gives you an air of poise and beauty, and people will simply like how you look. You will feel a need to concentrate upon and settle issues with loved ones.

Virgo You are so naturally prone to worry and this week, even more so. Almost anything you are fretting over is unlikely to happen, so try to let it alone. You may have the opportunity to find solace in a spiritual pursuit or in journaling your thoughts.

Libra A project or a relationship begun last fall may be coming to fruition at this time. Your wares are on display for all to see. If you look at the big picture, you will see how much your life has expanded over the past year. This is a great time for a vacation.

Scorpio The pressure is on to succeed financially. You may be experiencing unusual costs or you may have a strong desire to make a purchase. You are willing to work hard to make money. People in your “public” life are persistent and demanding. Don’t let this ruffle your feathers.

Sagittarius There is pressure and tension in the sectors of travel, publishing, the law, or education. You may be in some kind of time bind or possibly there are demands for perfection and performance. If you have done your homework, everything will work out favorably.

Capricorn You are surrounded in a cradle of loving arms. You will see or talk with those who mean the most to you. A new person who enters your business life may prove to be a long term resource and helper. It will be the one with whom you make an immediate “connection.”

Aquarius Work, health and income show signs of improvement this week. Someone new entering your life will become a source of comfort and security for a long time to come. This aspect represents the beginning of a loyal friendship. Employees and coworkers become cheerful supporters.

Pisces Romance, creativity, and relationships to children are given “go” signals by the cosmos. Your normal routine of life is disrupted, either by coworkers, employees, or your own health. Maybe what you really need to do is let yourself play anyway.

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