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For the week of June 2, 2005


Gemini The Twins (May 20 – June 21) Your mind is loaded with ideas and you are zooming everywhere to manage them. Your skills and crafts are in demand, especially those that generate beauty. If you are not traveling, then you are probably making plans to do so during this period.

For All Signs Those of us who have managed to survive the transits and eclipses of this spring, will now enjoy a week of transition. Things are happening almost too fast to process mentally. Tempers are short. People will be in a major hurry, if not a mild to moderate panic, to finish old projects and prepare for the next phase. Between now and July 22 there is not a single planet in the “earth” signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. We all need gravity boots in order to remain grounded.

Aries Stay awake and sidestep your tendency to speak angrily or act aggressively. You are far better off to be in the responsive position at this time. The Powers that Be could be thwarting your every move. Do not attack. Just bide your time and make your plans.

Taurus The last thing in the world you want to do right now is follow routine. Give yourself some slack and take a breather. Let your imagination flow and consider adding something beautiful, maybe inspirational, to your everyday surroundings.

Cancer Venus enters your sign this week and will be traveling “with you” through June 26. Often when Venus is prominent we become more interested in art forms. We have a greater need and desire to be with others, or they with us. Healing becomes a focus now.

Leo You may be elected to manage a project because of past accomplishments. Your name will come to be recognized and respected by a larger audience than in the past. New friends may come out of the woodwork, Welcome them, but don’t give away the store for the sake of petting your ego.

Virgo You or your work is on display at this time. Coworkers praise your ability to manage two or more things at once. More than likely you will be teaching skills, whether formally or informally. You have a nagging worry about a family member or property.

Libra This is a month of expansion for you. Expect to encounter new people, new opportunities, and a whole lot of conversation. You are moving into a much more extroverted phase in your life. You have a special love for the arts and want to make things beautiful in your environment. Scorpio Prepare yourself to take the higher road if you encounter any conflicts, particularly with lovers or children. You have nothing important to “prove” now, so let conflicts go. If they are important, they will come back again and you can handle it better later.

Sagittarius It would be so easy, to embroil yourself in a major conflict with a significant other or even an open enemy. You are the one with the power, but using it to manipulate others will not help your long term cause. Think twice before you drop bombs.

Capricorn Persons who are in your neighborhood or who daily traverse your life offer empathy, encouragement and nourishment of whatever type you need. Now is the time to tackle a complex mechanical or mental project. Your mind is steady, focused, and you are better able to concentrate.

Aquarius Your need to be creative is absolutely overflowing. Romance enters your life, whether through taking pleasure in beauty, children, or the creations of your being. Your mind wants to roam the wonderland of imagination and fantasy. Aspects favor your financial picture.

Pisces Your mind is racing. Watch your accelerator foot. Beware of the temptation to demonstrate your individuality by speaking out of turn, or attempting to outdo a superior in an ego conflict. Keep the mouth zipped shut and wait until you have had time to think the issues over more thoroughly.

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