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For the week of May 12 ­ May 18, 2005


Taurus The Bull (Apr. 20 – May 19) Mercury enters your sign this week and the normally quiet Bull becomes a chatty Cathy. Between now and May 28 there likely will be greater emphasis on communications, errands, and other short distance travels. Your mind will be quick and your attitude persuasive.

For All Signs There is a powerful, multi-layered energy prominent during this week and next. At worst it could represent sudden attack, explosions, and generalized anxiety. At best it could be the symbol of giving birth to creative new forms that are life altering. Many people will have unusual experiences of apparent psychic phenomena. It is as though the collective unconscious is very close to the surface and requires little for exposure. During such times it is important to remain aware of boundaries that are healthy for you. Don’t allow others to wedge themselves into your personal territory.

Aries Energy is bursting out at the seams. You or others may be totally shocked at the things that fall out of your mouth. Whatever you are thinking may show all over your face. Surround yourself with tranquility and people who help you think in positive ways.

Gemini Venus will be traveling “with you” through June 3. Her presence gives you an air of poise and beauty, and people will simply like how you look. This week is an ideal time to initiate healing of old wounds between yourself and someone whom you love.

Cancer If you pay attention, you will notice that you have a choice this week. You may choose to be stern, unyielding and angry. Alternatively, you may choose to open your mind long enough to listen to another point of view before the trap shuts.

Leo This is an excellent time to put the finishing touches on an important project related to career or life direction. Your mind is steady and focused. There may be distractions due to problems with coworkers, but you can set that aside for now.

Virgo You are shifting gears into a new cycle that will continue through May 27. During the next two weeks there may be increased activity in travel, education, publishing, the internet, dealing with people from a distance or foreign cultures, issues of ethics and philosophical beliefs.

Libra Any news related to legal, educational, internet, or publishing interests is favorable. Travel has a go signal. This is a time to open yourself to healing old wounds with children, siblings, or lovers. What you expected to happen each day will probably change.

Scorpio Change is in the air and you are just the one to start it. Over the next two weeks you may suddenly begin an entirely new passion. That might be for a lover or a creative activity. Some of you may become pregnant or give birth. Out with the old, in with the new!

Sagittarius The energy flow for any activities involving travel, communications, education, partnerships and contracts is strongly favorable. You and others will experience ease of cooperation and smoothly working interactions. Expand your network and community base.

Capricorn You may be asked to mentor a young person during this period. Activities involving children and/or lovers are favored. Your mind is clear and focused. You are able to channel your attention in the direction of completing tasks without the usual restlessness.

Aquarius If money is an issue, leave the credit cards at home or don’t go shopping at all. You have a desire to create a totally new self, one that is no longer fettered with all the traditional rules. Often we display this type of change by buying furniture and new clothes.

Pisces Tell everyone to stand back a little, because the underwater side of Pisces is swimming to the surface. Your energy, physical and emotional, is almost more than others can handle from normally docile Fish. Work out or tackle a big project.

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