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For the week of April 28 ­ May 4, 2005


Taurus The Bull (Apr. 20 – May 19) Early in the week your sense of romance is strong. You may even create feelings that are not really there, so try to stay in touch with reality. As the week progresses, the daydreams dissipate and are replaced by a desire to accomplish projects and create order.

For All Signs We have an intense underlying theme throughout ‘05 and ‘06. Old psychological pain is emerging and demanding to be healed. Even those who have always been stable may be reeling from time to time as this energy comes to the surface. We usually react to pain by feeling hurt or, alternatively, becoming furious. You may believe that you long ago put a painful incident to bed, only to find that it is here again, full blown, as though fresh. Even Mother Earth is probably reacting to the tension. If you are troubled, seek the help of a trusted friend or a professional.

Aries Over the next six weeks life will work more smoothly if you let yourself be led by the “signs,” circumstances, and people around you. It is not a time to attack in anger or initiate new ideas, but to respond to what comes your way. Contemplate and seek comforting relationships.

Gemini A creative thought or plan generated in February is now showing signs of support from others. Your imagination is flowing with poetry, romantic thoughts and artistic designs. Write them down or make quick drawings so you won’t forget them later, when you need new ideas.

Cancer Career concerns may be uppermost on your mind during this period. You must work very hard to do what you feel is right. It could seem as though the world of politics and business is challenging and difficult. Fortunately this is a temporary setback.

Leo This is a mixed week of both positive developments and challenges. Avoid confrontations with those who have greater power than you. Activities and interests involving debt, loans, inheritance, insurance payoffs, investments, sexuality, and partnerships are favored.

Virgo This is a wonderfully romantic period, in which you are open to sharing intimately with those whom you love. You may find that you have an affinity with certain people who are in your daily life, but in the past you didn’t know the possibility of depth of the relationship.

Libra Relationships may seem weird this week, particularly those with lovers, coworkers and children. Communications may be confused, misunderstood, or outright deceptive. Circumstances related to loans, inheritances, insurance, and career are favorable.

Scorpio Your attention shifts to matters concerning children, play, romance and recreation for the next few weeks. You will likely be the one to initiate activities on these fronts. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and avoid the temptation to hand out blame.

Sagittarius Count to 10 before you use your power to blow someone away. You may have to exercise disciplinary measures, but think twice about whether the punishment fits the crime. A situation in your workplace or daily locale presses you to make adjustments to normal routine.

Capricorn This is a favorable period for all activities concerning partnerships, whether business or personal. Contracts are fair, reasonable, and good for all concerned. It is a good time to talk over plans for the future because you are working from an objective and balanced point of view.

Aquarius The waterbearers are normally of the mental and imaginal world. Right now you are knee deep in passionate feelings. You are prone to shelve strong emotions, particularly if they are not very pretty. But at this time you cannot wear a pretense of calm.

Pisces Mars, the warrior, enters your sign this week and will be traveling with you for six weeks. This energy is best used to handle physically heavy projects or take initiatives that you might not otherwise tackle. Take charge of the energy and focus it productively.

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