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For the week of April 14 – April 20, 2005


Aries The Ram (Mar. 20 ­ Apr. 19) - Work, home, or career related projects are difficult to initiate at this time. It seems as though something is interfering with your every move. Patience is not one of your virtues, but this week if you try to force it, you’ll hit the wall with those beautiful, curly Ram’s horns.

For All Signs Mercury, planetary ruler of travel, routine business and communications, turned direct on the 12th. After a period of revisions and reorganizing, the ordinary functions of life will now move along more smoothly. Now is the time to put property up for sale or apply for a loan with the expectation of more favorable results. This shift of directions is complicated by the fact that we are between the two April eclipses, which is like standing on a swinging bridge. Put ultimate decisions aside if you can.

Taurus Venus, goddess of love, enters your sign this week and will be traveling “with you” through May 8. Her presence gives you an air of poise and beauty. Often when Venus is prominent we become more interested in art forms.

Gemini This is a good week to clear up misunderstandings and differences of opinion. You may be discovering old errors or confusion and now involved in a project of correcting the records or bringing clarity to what has been murky.

Cancer We are in the one week dip between two eclipses. Even so, you feel a lot of intensity in the arenas of home, family and property. You may need a bit of grounding. Good news may come through related to debts, loans, insurance, or inheritance.

Leo Activities related to travel, the law, publishing or education are highly favored. By the end of the week your work will be on stage for all to see and applaud. Authority figures will appreciate your ability to stick to projects until they reach completion.

Virgo Confusion may have interfered with your understanding of a project in your daily routine at work or home. Brush away the fog and clarify what has already happened and what needs to happen next. Audit your financial records with a fine toothed comb to catch mistakes.

Libra Venus, your ruling planet, moves into the sector of life related to children, recreation, and romance. The goddess of love is usually happy in this territory and often brings new energy and light. On this trip, however, old and painful feelings may surface.

Scorpio Mechanical items, such as your vehicle or tools, may just decide they won’t go this week. It is possible you will have to stop everything in order to give them whatever repairs they need. Be alert to the probability that you and the other are simply on different wave lengths.

Sagittarius There are no new aspects for the Archers this week. This generally means a quieter week overall, unless your individual horoscope reflects something other than that. You can take this time to finish projects, clean out closets, or escape on a trip out of the city.

Capricorn Financial matters and considerations may bring your activity to a halt, while you make adjustments and figure out what is the best action to take next. Take especially good care of your physical health this week.

Aquarius You need more than a little bit of rest and sleep at this time, and a lot of vitamin C. Those who are subject to allergies should be super cautious to avoid allergens. Take particular care between the 17th and the 19th. Your physical cycle is on a low.

Pisces Regardless of what you may think this week, do not attack anyone verbally or in any other way. It is liable to cost you much more than it is worth. The docile Fish is so rarely angry, but at this time you have true cause for anger. Yet if you return a punch, you may be really sorry.

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