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For the week of April 7 – April 13, 2005


Aries The Ram (Mar. 20 ­ Apr. 19)
The eclipse this week is especially noticeable for the Rams because it is occurring in your sign. Being a new moon, it represents a fresh beginning and a decision about your identity or appearance. Stay alert with tools or potentially dangerous activities because injuries to the head are possible.

For All Signs On Apr. 8 at 4:32pm EDT, we will experience an eclipse of the Sun. Eclipses occur in pairs and this is the first. The second eclipse will be lunar and occurs on Apr. 24. In ancient times eclipses were believed frightening, heralding negative omens, especially in regions of their visibility. We now perceive it as a time to look upon the outcomes of our behavior. Not all of those outcomes are punitive. Sometimes people experience positive results of past effort during eclipse seasons.

Taurus Early in the week you feel practical and businesslike. You may prefer to be alone and it is possible you will be brooding. Give attention to whom you meet at this time. He/she may turn out to be a guardian angel in disguise. Dreams are significant.

Gemini This is a good time to talk over past hurts with others, particularly in-laws, and find common ground for healing. Those with old spiritual wounds may find salve and a better perspective through a book or other source of education. Use care with words and communications.

Cancer This month is especially intense for you because you are moon ruled. As this week begins, your career and financial prospects may look gloomy. Give special attention to whomever enters your professional life now. This is someone who brings a message or help.

Leo Forward motion may be stopped in its tracks in any of the following areas: travel, education, publishing, publicity, or legal matters. This does not necessarily mean “no,” but it may demand more work before completion is possible. Look for help to appear between the 11th and the 13th.

Virgo Choose words and listen carefully to all communications of the week. You may encounter others who lack clarity and their confusion misleads you. This is particularly likely to happen among coworkers or on job tasks.

Libra This week is a major mix of ups and downs. Work and home may be particularly challenging. Your significant other is having important experiences and changes that alter his/her self-image at this time. Be especially aware of those who enter your life now.

Scorpio This is a favorable week for love, romance, and relationships at your job. Don’t gamble because money moves too freely through your fingers right now. You could have a strong desire to beautify your surroundings.

Sagittarius This is a great week to focus attention on learning a new skill, such as photography, or some other creative endeavor. You may be in the midst of contractual negotiations and if so, don’t shortcut any of the checks and balances.

Capricorn This is a challenging week in the arena of relationships. This is one of your long term major projects, and this week brings one more contest. Circumstances may prevent you from being with others, or you may prefer to be alone.

Aquarius Be aware of your impulses to give away pieces of yourself that you don’t have to give. This is a fine time to travel, if not in body, then on the internet. Activities involving education or legal matters are favored.

Pisces Your body is subject to react way more than normal to any foreign substances, medications or alcohol. Although cheerful, you may be mentally drifting in the ethers. Make a conscious effort to stay alert if driving or using tools. This is a fine time for a vacation.

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