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For the week of February 16, 2005


For All Signs Cosmic conditions for the next four months demand that we integrate new systems with whatever has been traditionally used. We may do this on multiple levels: political, economic, social, or personal. We are pressured to inaugurate improved solutions in order to accomplish an updated format that will build a better future. If we do not heed the warnings now, we may be caught with outdated systems and equipment within just a few months.

Aries You have a guardian angel in the wings this week. This may be in the form of one who speaks well of you or who helps with an introduction to another who can be of help. Listen to your intuition and pay attention to your dreams. What you do in your public life will have a positive effect.

Taurus Your artistic and creative side comes through and gives you wonderful ideas to use in your work setting. You may be beautifying the environment in which you spend much of your daily life. You have a particularly strong and accurate intuitive sense of people, design and rhythm.

Gemini What you think and say is particularly noticeable in the world beyond your home at this time. You may have some unusual ideas that could shock a few people, but you are unconcerned. Even if others disagree, you are not in the mood to keep quiet. This is a good time for long range planning.

Cancer Your heart and your mind are at odds over an issue concerning education, the law, travel, or what you believe is "right." Leave it alone and let it brew. Meanwhile, your day to day work routine is improving and you are becoming more organized so that you can do more in less time.

Leo You shift your attention this week toward the more intense aspects of relationship, such as money and/or sexuality. You are interested in a unique approach, one that will give each person personal space while also allowing for union in some way.

Virgo Your ruler, Mercury, is moving through your 7th house of "others" until Mar. 3. It is likely that changes in the circumstances of important persons in your life will have an effect upon you. Many of your activities will revolve around the affairs of friends and loved ones.

Libra Love life and overall creativity are favored this week. You will get special pleasure from enjoying designs, colors, and rhythm. Siblings or nearby neighbors offer encouragement and pleasurable activities. There will be a particularly healing experience with a child or a lover.

Scorpio This is an especially good time to talk things over with your children or with a beloved. You have definite opinions, but you are also willing to look for compromises and win-win solutions. Travel and/or learning may be in the picture this week.

Sagittarius Travel and communications figure heavily into this week. You may be involved in high tech activities, such as learning or teaching management of computers. Language or specialized vocabularies are prominent and may be a focus of attention.

Capricorn You are entering a new stage of life, one that will feel strange in many ways. You are invited to use your wits and feel your way through this part of the journey with all six senses. It is like an entry into the enchanted forest.

Aquarius This is a fine week to travel, particularly if you are going on a cruise or somewhere related to water. Romance and social life are highlighted. In the larger cycles you have arrived at a point of change concerning career and/or work in the world.

Pisces Mercury travels rapidly through your sign between Feb. 16 and March 3. During this period there likely will be greater emphasis on communications, errands, and other short distance travels. Your mind will be quick and your attitude persuasive. You are loaded with ideas and while on the move, you may need to keep notes.

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