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For the week of Dec. 16, 2004



For All Signs Mercury turns direct on Dec. 20, just in time to change our minds on what we want to give loved ones for Christmas. It may also bring changes in our plans and expectations for the holiday. Many of us will have different guests than we expected, or may be traveling when we thought we were staying home. As Mercury changes direction, we often experience a change in attitude or perspective due to the discovery of fresh information or new input. Decisions that have been pending will be finalized, probably just before the holidays begin. Christmas Day is unusually quiet and restful. But the next day is a full moon zoo.

Aries This is a favorable week in which you will accomplish much and finish with a sense of satisfaction. Your body is in sync and your reflexes are good. This is a fine time to tackle a project requiring muscle and concentration. Catch important thoughts on paper for later use.

Taurus Your ruling planet, Venus, is shifting into a sector of the horoscope that represents strong sexual charisma for you. Your desire is to share intensity and honesty of relationship. You may be attracted to someone outside your norm. Don't look for it to be lasting.

Gemini Your ruling planet is Mercury (see lead paragraph) and it is changing directions this week. You may begin to get some definite information from your partner(s) at last! Lately it seems many of your activities have been delayed due to issues of others.

Cancer Physically you may be a little out of sync, but it probably is not serious. Get some extra rest and take your vitamins. Pay close attention to health regimens. This may be a time when you have cause to be proud of your accomplishments.

Leo Obligations or promises may use more time than normal this week. Take care of yourself so you can enjoy the holidays in good health. The Lion and Lioness always tend to overdo on the holidays because they want so much for everyone to enjoy the festivities.

Virgo Your ruling planet Mercury has been retrograding and generating confusion around issues of home, family and property. This week it goes direct and you will be able to make some progress on decisions that have been pending in these areas. Beware your inner critic.

Libra A new romance is exciting on the front end, but one begun at this time may be short lived. Enjoy, but don't invest your last nickel. Your schedule and work circumstances are like a roller coaster this week. Be prepared to keep your balance.

Scorpio Both your mind and your mouth are running a mile a minute and your energy is high. Someone who lives a distance away may contact you about a possible job. Activities related to the law, education, travel and publishing are favored. Both family matters and business flow well.

Capricorn Activities involving partner, family, and friends are strongly favored. When you take initiative, things get done. This is a good time to take on a project that requires focused energy and discipline. Machines and mechanical objects cooperate with your needs.

Aquarius Surprises and changes of plans abound as one or more friends sing your praises. This is a time to bring something to fruition that has been in the making for quite a long time. Prepare for unexpected shifts when you travel. You are holding multiple balls in the air.

Pisces You want to experience whatever is new and unique. If you do not allow yourself some freedom for exploration, boredom will set in, and you could pick a disagreement with a lover, just to keep things active. Go somewhere you've never been. Seek adventure!
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