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For the week of September 8, 2004


For All Signs Mars, the ancient god of war, is making strong aspects this week. Mars represents the warrior within each of us and has both a higher and lower nature. At best this energy is used for healthy self-assertion, personal boundary setting, and self-discipline. The warrior side is well used when in the service of a higher good. The lower nature of Mars can represent irritability, unhealthy aggression, arrogance and long held resentment. We've seen plenty of Mars' lower side in the last few of years

Aries Remain aware of your feelings and treat them with respect. Buried anger could surface through infections or an unconsciously angry tone to your voice. Don't fight the Powers that Be right now. It could result in more trouble than it's worth.

Taurus This week is a mixed bag of easy and challenging aspects. It is possible that you will meet someone talkative who is a potential lover. On the home front there appears to be trouble in the form of persons who are pressuring you to do their bidding.

Gemini You are up for surprises concerning home and family, or your career and life direction. You may experience a health problem involving your five senses or your mobility that requires attention. Quiet and seclusion will be especially healing at this time.

Cancer You may be feeling a bit restless and need to move around, run errands, and/or talk on the phone. This is a good time to begin a practical skills class. You may be conflicted on the subject of financial expenditures, so wait until you feel more clarity before you decide.

Leo This is not the best of weeks, but it is temporary. You may be feeling forced or pressured to do something you would rather not. Subtle manipulation tactics are in the works, such as the one that implies you don't "love enough" if you do not do what another asks of you.

Virgo You are under a lot of pressure and quick on the trigger. Authority figures refuse to be helpful or supportive. Set boundaries around yourself and make it clear what you will and won't do. Mechanical objects may break down at home or at work.

Libra Prepare yourself for a few high pressured days. Sudden changes on the calendar, along with stressed people making demands, seem to be the week's theme. If you get enough and think you might lose your temper, take a break and get away from the situation for awhile.

Scorpio Authority figures and/or peripheral friends are not in the best frame of mind. It would be better to stay out of their way because they are looking for someone to blame for their troubles. This is a time to drive and handle tools carefully.

Sagittarius You are either very near or right upon a significant time of proof. The cards are laid on the table now. Whether or not you have a winner depends on whether your purpose was intended for the greater good. If your real purpose was to expand your ego, this may be the end of that project.

Capricorn A person of moderate power, probably male, gives you a pat on the back and encouragement for your work in the world. News concerning matters of the law, awaited business, publishing or teaching is mildly discouraging. Prepare for delays and challenges if you travel.

Aquarius You may be surprised by incoming news concerning debt, your partner's resources, or a sudden unplanned need to spend money. There appears to be a need to rescue someone and you may have trouble saying no. Perhaps this time is OK, but don't make an ongoing habit of it.

Pisces News from your partner or a significant other may be shocking or surprising. This aspect may work the other way around -- you may be the one who presents the surprise. Whoever initiates the event, talk it through to a favorable conclusion.

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