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For the week of August 25, 2004


For All Signs On Aug. 29 we will experience the Full Moon in Pisces. It imparts the message of the Pisces/Virgo axis of the zodiac: Have we sown enough of the right seeds, watered at the right time, and cleared enough weeds from our gardens (lives) to produce a good crop for the "winter"? Will there be adequate supplies to last through the long snows of the next cold season? Self-evaluation occurs here with the promise of a few more warm weeks to help us catch up and fill in the gaps before the coming of winter.

Aries You are pressured during this period to organize your affairs and clean up details. You may have a communications project that is occupying your attention. It is a good time to take care of your body's need for a checkup and other, routinely self-caring acts.

Taurus You have a mixed bag of aspects this week. One suggests a creative idea that could help you become who you want to be. Others suggest that comrades are unavailable right now. Still another advises you to pay special attention to an older person or one with more experience.

Gemini Be cautious about important decisions, Twins. Mercury, your ruling planet, is still retrograding. You are probably getting bored and want to move, regardless of outcome. But this is a really bad idea and one that may get you into trouble you don't need.

Cancer You and a partner join forces to create a healing situation for another who is in your life. This calls for a sacrifice of your normal routine, but you are willing to offer it for a time. You can feel good about yourself and what you do this week.

Leo Give particular attention to whomever enters your career or work life at this time. It is someone who may be a teacher, or can help you in other ways. Unexpected developments are probable in the area of finances and/or sexuality. Use your best judgment now.

Virgo You are in the spotlight. Everyone wants your attention and your assistance. Yet a significant other is difficult to pin down or manages to be unavailable. Expect the unexpected. If you are actually on stage, have plan "B" ready for action.

Libra On a personal level you may be feeling inadequate or unable to handle tasks well. Yet your work in the world says otherwise. In that arena you are called upon to use your wisest and most professional judgment in order to bring healing to a conflicting situation.

Scorpio Multiple social options are at your disposal now, but something keeps you from exploring them. This may be a time in which the requirements of home, hearth and family take precedence. Or maybe you are not in the right state of mind to socialize.

Sagittarius This week brings more delays and interference than forward motion. Those who have applied for loans may be required to produce more documentation and will not get a definite response now. It is a good time to take a break or finish dangling projects.

Capricorn You are acutely sensitive to the pain of others at this time. A career opportunity is developing with a partnership "feel," whether or not it is formalized by contract. Your creative juices are flowing and the relationship helps you expand upon ideas.

Aquarius If you have a quarrel with someone with whom you share resources, then now is the time to put it on the table. Use care in your speech. One or the other of you could become defensive and hostile easily. You both need accurate information so you can make good decisions.

Pisces Your restlessness of recent months could suddenly erupt in action or words that surprise even yourself. You have a deep need for change. How that metamorphosis needs to look may still be a mystery. Beware of snap judgments or rebellious behavior.

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