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For the week of August 11, 2004


For All Signs While Mercury is retrograding, it is generally best not to take action on contracts. The cycle is most beneficially used to complete old plans, gather information on proposed ideas, and reflect on past progress. It is meant for gestation and introspection, the dark and quiet time needed for new seeds to take root. Mercury turns direct on Sep. 2. (Incidentally, watch the late night skies on Aug 12 and 13 for the annual Perseids meteor shower.)

Aries Keep your eyes on the target, the goal, or your daily regimen. Pour energy into what you want for your life now and begin a systematic plan for its creation. Now is the time to start the post summer diet and exercise program. Put energy into home improvements.

Taurus Play, romance, love and social life are yours this week. You have a need to touch the natural world in order to renew your spirit. Someone from your past may come back, just to touch base and make contact. Don't take it seriously.

Gemini Your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograding in the territory of home, property, and family. You are feeling excited about improvements. If in some sense, you are "going back" to repair a previous error or wrong, then you are doing the right thing.

Cancer Purely by instinct, you find yourself in the right place at the right time. Love and social life abounds and you are likely to encounter persons who can help you toward your goals in the future. This is a favorable time for revisiting past places, people, and situations.

Leo You may feel fatigued until after the new moon on the 15th, which occurs in your sign. This is a signal that you are ready to research new ideas and consider options for the future. Give special attention to new people who cross your path toward the end of the week.

Virgo Mars, the planet of war, has entered your sign and will be traveling with you until late Sept. This energy is best used to handle physically heavy projects or take challenging initiatives. You must deal upfront with this assertive energy.

Libra Your work in the world is especially gratifying now. People you have helped in the past may return to let you know how your influence has benefited them. You are attracted to the nontraditional and unconventional in solutions, circumstances and people.

Scorpio Your attention naturally shifts toward plans for the future and finding ways to meet your goals. The probability is high that you will be leading or joining activities that call for cooperation from one or more groups of people over the next several weeks.

Sagittarius New beginnings during the year 2000 are now showing signs of progress and may yield small rewards. You get what you deserve at this time. Your work in the world has helped you build a certain amount of security and this is what you are now seeing.

Capricorn Positive career circumstances are developing around your partner at this time and may bring you opportunity as well. If travel or education is on your agenda, it will likely be healing and encourage you to grow. An old wound may be triggered by your partner. Open it up and clear it out.

Aquarius Good news may come your way concerning money that is not earned income. This can be about loans, insurance payments, alimony, gifts, investments, social security or income tax. Don't spend it while Mercury is retrograde. Wait until after the beginning of Sept. to be certain it is solid.

Pisces Early in the week you have favorable aspects related to love, romance, play and entertainment. Your partnership(s) are built on a solid ground of trust and mutual respect. However, any personal or business relationships that do not have a history of integrity are subject to explosive episodes.

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