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For the week of July 21, 2004


For All Signs The horoscope of an individual is a precise map of the positions of planets in the solar system at the time of his/her birth. Each planet represents a part of the psyche with its own agenda. Examples: Venus is the planet that symbolizes relationships; Mars represents our assertive, Warrior side; Saturn is the inner teacher. The combination of all the planets' signs at birth offers a specific personal description of just how these qualities are played within the individual who owns the horoscope.

Aries As the week begins, you may feel less alert and more absent than present. Give your body some extra rest if possible. By the 25th everything begins to flow more smoothly, particularly in the arena of love, romance and other relationships.

Taurus You may be subject to compulsive behaviors related to finances and the expenditure of resources. If you sense that anything is happening in this arena that is beyond your control, move yourself out of the environment quickly so you can assess.

Gemini Stay alert in important relationships. Someone who is operating unconsciously may attempt to pull you into an old, tired drama that is not where you want to go just now. Meanwhile, aspects favor romance, play, and creative enterprises.

Cancer You may desire time to yourself this week to feed your more introverted side. Moon Children roll back and forth between an internal and external locus of awareness. Learning to keep this balanced and not allowing the trip to go too far in either direction is a lifelong education process.

Leo The sun returns "home" to your sign this week. Now is the time to focus on new plans for this next year of your life. Take a fresh look at where you want to direct your energy. It is appropriate that your attention be directed toward yourself right now.

Virgo Mercury travels through your sign between July 25 and August 24 and will turn retrograde, so decisions that arise in the next few weeks may reverse themselves more than once. There will be emphasis on communications, errands, and other short distance travels.

Libra Don't fight the Powers That Be this week. They are bigger than you are and can make your life miserable if they choose to do so. Focus attention instead on partners, clientele, and significant others who will offer encouragement, support, and friendship.

Scorpio Take initiative in the outer world this week. It will improve your status and recognition among others, buoy your self-esteem and may improve your finances. Step aside from the temptation to replay old issues of control and manipulation in a significant relationship.

Sagittarius Concentrate on maintaining full consciousness of what you are doing in your relationships this week. Old issues or semiconscious motives may drive your behavior and create conflict that is hard to understand. If this occurs, ask for a "time-out" so you can step back to evaluate.

Capricorn The Goats have no new aspects this week, which may serve as a welcome relief from work and effort of the recent period. This may be a really good time to go on vacation. If you are not taking a break, at least you can have time to finish projects that are already in motion.

Aquarius Your energy level is running low early in the week. In this state you may be overly sensitive to any remarks suggesting criticism. It may be time for you and a partner (or someone with whom you share resources) to sit down and have a frank discussion about plans for the future.

Pisces For the next two weeks your mind may be racing rapidly from one thing to another. You have a need to try new experiences. This is not the best time to handle mental projects that require discipline and focused concentration. Take good notes for future reference.

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