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For the week of July 7, 2004


For All Signs Not everything that glitters is gold. If you are considering a proposal or an idea that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don't invest what you cannot afford to lose and don't promise what you may not be able to deliver. Many will be tempted to do that very thing, so assume that everyone is seeing through rose-colored glasses until proven otherwise. Globally it will be very difficult to predict the direction of the economy or anything else. The media may present widely speculative ideas, many of which are poorly substantiated.

Aries The week calls for fun, play, and focused mental and physical exertion. Either you or another will pull together the courage to issue an invitation for a date. Those with children will be spending time focused on their needs and activities.

Taurus Now is the time to beautify your surroundings. If finances are an issue, leave credit cards at home while shopping. Romance and social life are favored. If you encounter an issue in which your heart says one thing and your mind another, set the decision aside a few days.

Gemini There may be problems with vehicles or communications instruments at this time. Double check everything if you are traveling or repairing things. Otherwise you may have to do it twice. Messages can be confusing. Romance is favored.

Cancer This is a fine time to organize and plan for the future. Your attitude may be fairly serious because you know the things you do now will affect you for quite a time to come. If you encounter a decision that juxtaposes your heart and mind, set it aside until a better time.

Leo You may be talking more this week than you have in a month. Take care to listen carefully to the other, lest you be misunderstood. It may be difficult to elicit comment from your partner or significant other, who seems to be evasive or invisible at present.

Virgo You may have to move quickly to dodge gossip and angry rhetoric being tossed around you. It is your job to be supportive to those in charge, while maintaining positive energy among your peers. Remain in the background. Do not contribute to the fray.

Libra All your new aspects are good ones this week. Travel, education, social life, romance, activities involving the law and/or the internet all yield "go" signals. This is another favorable week for a vacation. Venus, your ruling planet, is taking life easy for a time this month.

Scorpio This is a good time to let others know about your best qualities. Communications of all kinds are punctuated, including those that educate yourself or others. Career or work activity is unusually busy and requires you be at your best.

Sagittarius Archers, pay particular attention to the lead paragraph. This is a time when you may be tempted to gamble on fog and pink clouds. Forward motion is halted for the present while you wait for better times to come. Change is inevitable and always follows stagnation.

Capricorn You and another are diligently working out a plan that will take you up the career ladder eventually. Meanwhile it is important to concentrate and think carefully about just what you want to build and how best to accomplish it. Take a little time to laugh, too.

Aquarius Do your best to be direct, clear and to the point in all your discussions this week. If ever things could become confused, this is the time. Activities involving loans, debts, inheritance, or insurance payments are delayed, but not canceled.

Pisces Check and double check all communications this week because misunderstandings are probable. You are in one of those not-quite-here states of mind and would prefer daydreaming to almost any other activity. You and partner may be operating from different planes right now.

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