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For the week of May 26, 2004


For All Signs Venus, goddess of love, continues to retrograde through June 28. Many of us will be pressured to encounter ourselves and our personal behavior within the framework of our relationships. We have a tendency to "go back" to previous relationships or to re-experience former behavior patterns in the present situation. During Venus' retrograding periods we are called to wake up to any unconscious saboteurs that interfere with our ability to be relational. It's time to upgrade our performance.

Aries You really need a resting break and it is handy that we have a holiday ready for you. Do only what you must do for a few days, and give yourself a needed respite. Be cautious with your body and don't pressure yourself beyond what it is willing to do.

Taurus Double-check any important information that comes your way, especially early in the week. Misunderstandings or even outright deception are possible at this time. Illusions are fractured. You may uncover a lie, whether it belongs to someone else or to yourself.

Gemini Give conscious attention to all your communications. Misunderstandings are probable at this time and can lead to unnecessarily hurt feelings. Pay attention to your behavior in relationship to others. You might revert to outworn patterns. Stay open and honest.

Cancer After a monumental effort in the last couple of weeks, you run upon a brick wall. It is not your fault and you didn't build it. Others who need to cooperate on a joint effort have simply evaporated. Don't press issues where there is no yielding on the other side.

Leo It is fortunate for you that the holiday is upon us. You are restless, maybe even edgy, and ready for something new to happen. Take off into pioneering territory and go somewhere or do something you've never done. Hang out with those who want to play, so you can lighten your spirits.

Virgo The aspects this week are mixed. You are in line to shine in your work in the world and others will be happy with what you have accomplished. On the inside you may be worrying about small details that are meaningless in the scheme of things. Avoid allergens right now.

Libra Remain unusually aware of what you are doing within your important relationships. Old resentments or long buried anger can burst upon the scene and take over the show. Be willing to look at the root causes inside yourself before you even consider pointing at another.

Scorpio This is not your best of weeks. You may be locked in a power struggle with a loved one. Financial or sexual matters are at core. If your discussions are helping you make progress, by all means continue. But if they just stir the pot, leave it alone for awhile.

Sagittarius Make an effort to observe your thoughts and behavior in relationships. You may feel compelled to pursue a situation that is not necessarily good for you. It is also possible that the other person may be operating unconsciously and may goad you into a battle of wills.

Capricorn Emotional or physical healing are notable for the Goats this week. Tend to your physical needs and give thought to changes in diet or exercise that will make long term improvements. Emotional issues that surface can be soothed by talking them over with a beloved friend.

Aquarius Children or your creative ventures may bring about sudden changes (which could cost money). Do make every effort to communicate as clearly as possible, especially with family members. Misunderstandings may create general confusion temporarily.

Pisces Expect the unexpected. Almost anything you do will have surprising results or take a turn you did not anticipate. A change in circumstances may be really good for you. Give special attention to what you say because it could readily be misinterpreted.

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