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For the week of May 19, 2004


For All Signs Just after midnight on May 25, the planet Mars (ancient god of war) conjuncts Saturn (ruler of limits and boundaries). Their coming together represents a debate between polarities: action vs. stasis, hot vs. cold, spontaneity vs. containment, individual needs vs. the collective. The message urges us to develop the self-discipline and groundwork needed to become courageous warriors for our personal or collective causes. Less positively, when the energies are right for war in the world or strife within a relationship, this conjunction can augur the spark.

Aries This is a week of major hard work, but you are given assistance from others if you wish to have it. The job in front of you could be otherwise daunting. It is probable you are working on aging parts or with old equipment. Work with caution.

Taurus This week brings you particularly favorable aspects for travel, developing a creative venture, studying or teaching, and general social popularity. You are feeling much more clear about who you are and where you are headed.

Gemini This will be a week of notable experiences, but many of them will occur mainly in your thoughts. You have the prospects of an enlightening or mystical event. In the outer world, you are giving generously of yourself and your resources to those who need your help.

Cancer Your energies are taut and ready for intense focus and concentration. Anger may be floating about in your mind. If it is, be very cautious when using sharp tools. If you do not feel quite up to par physically, lower your self-expectations to match the reality.

Leo You are beginning a month in which community contacts and knowing the right people will help you accomplish whatever you need to do. Do you remember the phrase on report cards, "Works well with others"? This is where those elementary education lessons pay off.

Virgo This is a highly favorable week, particularly if you are involved in traveling, publishing, selling, or managing a social event involving many people. You have good probability of meeting someone in the world who can be of considerable help on your path ahead.

Libra This is a period in which you may be changing plans that concern travel, education, publishing, the internet, or legal issues. It is a good time to review anything in these categories that concern you. There may be errors to repair or improvements you can make in your product.

ScorpioYou could be handling a big project that requires heavy work or special concentration of the mind. Aspects are particularly favorable for teaching, writing, or educating. There is also an element of sociability through the week, as though you are at the center of a group gathering.

Sagittarius It is important to give concentrated thought to your processes of operation. You may discover the obstacles in your life that interfere with your efficiency and productivity. When you focus your attention on solutions, you will be thoroughly gratified with the results.

Capricorn The main focus of your attention this week is centered on significant others, or your clientele if you sell products or services. A partner or special person in your life is starting a project that requires intense concentration to get off the ground.

Aquarius A family member or a good friend of the family is a strong source of ideas and overall support at this time. Review problems that had no solution in the past and you will be able to figure out a twist of perspective that helps resolve everything.

Pisces This is an amazingly fortunate week. Even troublesome circumstances have a way of working out well because there are those around you who will lend a hand, give you ideas or other necessary tools and solutions. Creativity, romance and social life are all highlighted.

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